July Leaderboard Recap

July's Leaderboard Recap

The first month of the inaugural TwinSpires.com Leaderboard tournament got off to an exciting start. Five members accounted for the six top Leaderboard scores for the month of July. George Smith pulled off an amazing feat by posting the best points total for both Place and Show, and for that fine accomplishment, George has won two free entries into the 15-seat TwinSpires.com Biggest Vegas Qualifier Ever to be held on Nov. 29, 2008.

"I've been using brisnet.com for the past 5 years," explained George Smith. "For the Leaderboard contest I've found the Ultimate Past Performances and Quick Play PP's especially helpful for identifying strong favorites in small fields. I've also found Brisnet's harness speed rating numbers to be excellent while playing this contest, especially at the smaller tracks."

"I thoroughly enjoyed playing the TwinSpires Leaderboard handicapping contest in July. I will be playing the 2nd half of August and each month through November to try to top my posted July scores in the Place and Show Points categories. I will be taking a shot at the Win Points Leaderboard also. The possibility of qualifying for both the NHC and Horse Player World Series is an added incentive to play multiple Leaderboards, along with the great opportunity to score some NHC tour points."

Here are the "best monthly" scores for the month of July which currently reside in 1st place on the Annual Leaderboard:

Win58 pts.
Robert Swickard
Place89 pts.
George Smith
Show99 pts.
George Smith
Ron Williams
Place ROI$1,136.00
Frederic Speck
Show ROI
Jason Albano

The good news for all tournament players is that the slates are wiped clean at the start of every month. September 1st will begin a new opportunity to put up massive Leaderboard scores for the wager types (Win/Place/Show) of your choice and try to top the July scores.

"I think the contest is great," said Bill Shurman, a six-time qualifier to the NHC. "It is one of the best tournaments that has come along in quite some time."

2000 Handicapper of the Year Judy Wagner concurs. "The Leaderboard Contest is a great contest that not only offers opportunities for qualifying spots to the NTRA finals in January but allows players the opportunity to plot their own strategy - play for most win, place or show bets or highest ROI. In addition it is a contest where players get to choose the tracks they want to play. An added bonus is Twin Spires Club Points," explained Judy. "TwinSpires Leaderboard - a winner in my book for handicapping tournaments!"

The TwinSpires.com Leaderboard is a unique opportunity to play with real money from the comfort of home, while incurring no travel expenses or entry fees, and win your way to Las Vegas. Six Leaderboard winners capture an NHC berth and can earn 3,500 NHC Tour Points. Six runner-ups will win an entry into the Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series. A total of 12 spots to Vegas are up for grabs!

Best of all, you can just make some of your regular daily wagers and participate in the contest.

"The Leaderboard contest was an excellent idea especially for the win-place-show horse player. It gives you a great opportunity to qualify for the National Handicapping Contest monthly if you're having success," explained veteran horseplayer Rob Ferguson. "You are able to play this contest with your normal daily wagering plays and it doesn't cost you any additional money to play. Great idea!"

Prove you're the best in the TwinSpires.com Leaderboard. Jump on today and begin your quest to move up the Win, Place or Show Leaderboards.