Kentucky Derby Betting Championship Play From Home FAQs

Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge Play From Home FAQs

Q: If I register to play online with TwinSpires, how will I participate and place my wagers in the BCBC?

A: You will be able to participate in the BCBC through, which is up and running now. If you have a TwinSpires account and have registered to play in the BCBC online with TwinSpires, you will be able to log in to using your same TwinSpires username and password.

Q: Can I place my tournament wagers through the regular website or with TwinSpires Mobile?

A: No. You will be directed to a separate TwinSpires Tournament site, from which you will be able to log in and place your BCBC wagers during the BCBC, which takes place November 4-5.

Q: Do I need to pay for my BCBC entry to register to play online?

A: No. Anyone who is a TwinSpires member may register to play in the BCBC online. However, you must pay for your entry in full ($10,000) or pay your balance due by October 31, 2016 in order to play in the BCBC online at the TwinSpires tournament site.

Q: How can I pay my BCBC(s) entry fee with TwinSpires?

A: You may pay for your BCBC entry fee with a credit card, by check or wire transfer. Follow the instructions here.

Q: If I pay for my BCBC entry in advance with TwinSpires, where can I check my balance?

A: Upon receiving your payment, TwinSpires will e-mail you a receipt for your BCBC entry fee and notify the Breeders’ Cup that your entry has been paid. Once the TwinSpires tournament site is ready to accept log ins in early October, you will be able to log in and confirm your BCBC tournament bankroll. Players who have fully paid for their BCBC entry with TwinSpires will have an account balance of $7,500, which represents the player’s live bankroll for the BCBC.

Q: What if I have already qualified for the BCBC through another tournament. May I play online with TwinSpires?

A: Yes, if you have qualified through another tournament, you must indicate whether you have won a full or partial entry in the BCBC Questionnaire upon registering to play online with TwinSpires. TwinSpires will then confirm your status with the Breeders’ Cup. If you have won a full entry, your tournament bankroll ($7,500) will be available in your tournament account. If you have won the entry fee portion only, you will still need to fund your tournament bankroll of $7,500 prior to Oct. 31 in order to play in the BCBC online with TwinSpires.

Q: What if I want to play two entries in the BCBC? Can I do this online with TwinSpires?

A: Yes, you may purchase and play two entries online with TwinSpires. Once the tournament site is ready to accept log-ins, you will be able to log in to play your first entry using your existing TwinSpires username and password. If you choose to purchase or have won a second entry and want to play it online, a TwinSpires VIP Services team member will contact you and provide you with your username and password for your second tournament account. Both entries must be fully paid by October 31, 2016.

Q: If I play two entries, can I play one entry from Santa Anita and one entry online?

A: No. Players who are playing two entries must play both entries from the same location, either online with TwinSpires, at Santa Anita or another satellite facility offering the BCBC.

Q: How can I check my results on the BCBC Leaderboard?

A: The Breeders’ Cup will provide a link (URL) to live Leaderboard that players may access from the TwinSpires tournament site during the BCBC tournament. The Leaderboard will include all players participating from Santa Anita, any live satellite facility or online with TwinSpires.

Q: How can I keep track of my BCBC wagers to ensure I meet the minimum wagering requirements?

A: Players may use the “Recall Today’s Bets” feature on the TwinSpires tournament site to view all wagers they have placed in the BCBC. Only races from Santa Anita will be available for wagering on the tournament site on November 4 and 5. Wagers will be limited to Win, Place, Show, Exacta and Trifecta, per the Official Rules of the BCBC.

It is the responsibility of each player to confirm s/he meets the minimum wagering requirements per the Official Rules of the BCBC to avoid penalty.