Kentucky Derby Future Wager Insurance

November 28 - 30

Lock in great value on your early favorites for Kentucky Derby 141 as early as possible with Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 1 running from Nov. 28 through Nov. 30.

To add even more value to Pool 1, we are offering to insure Win bets up to $25 at 2-1 for all TwinSpires Players whose selection makes it into the starting gate and outfinishes any other Pool 1 starter in the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

The three-day pool will open at Noon ET on Friday, Nov. 28 and close on Sunday, Nov. 30 at 6 p.m.

Official Winners Announced (Click Here)



Official KDFW Pool 1 Field and Rules

How to Play

  • Place a Win wager on a single horse, 1 through 23, in Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 1.
  • Players may place a Win wager on as many horses as they like, all win wagers will count in the contest.
  • Entry 24, the Field, is not eligible for this promotion.
  • Multi-horse tickets will not count in this promotion, multiple horses must be played on individual tickets.

How to Win

  • Players who place a Win wager on any horse that makes it into the starting gate for the 141st Kentucky Derby on May 2, 2015 are eligible for the 2-1 insurance on wagers up to $25.
  • In the event more than one entry from KDFW Pool 1 starts in the 2015 Kentucky Derby, the insuance prize will be awarded to the Player(s) who select the entry that finishes ahead of all other Pool 1 entries in the Kentucky Derby.
  • The amount of insurance paid per player will not exceed $75, regardless of the value of the qualifying Win wager placed by the player.

How does it pay?

If you wager $10 to Win and your selection finishes 8th in the Kentucky Derby, outfinishing all the other betting options in Pool 1, then Future Wager Insurance pays $30 (a $2 win wager at 2-1 has a $6.00 return).

Results will be announced on this page on or before Tuesday, May 5. Credits up to the maximum $75 per player will be processed on or before Wednesday, May 6.

About the Kentucky Derby Future Wager

The special three-day pool will open on TwinSpires on November 28 at noon (EST) and close November 30 at 6 p.m.

The dates for the four Kentucky Derby Future Wager pools are:

  • KDFW Pool 1: November 28-30 (3 days)
  • KDFW Pool 2: February 6-8 (3 days)
  • KDFW Pool 3: February 27-March 1 (3 days)
  • KDFW Pool 4: March 27-29 (3 days)

The date for the only Kentucky Oaks Future Wager pool is:

  • KOFW Pool 1: February 27-March 1 (3 days)

The fields for the four Kentucky Derby Future Wager pools and the single Kentucky Oaks Future Wager pool will be selected by a panel of racing officials and journalists.