Kentucky Derby & Oaks 139 Players' Pool

The Players' Pool goes after the lucrative Oaks and Derby Day multi-race wagers such as the Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 as well as the superfecta and Super High 5 on the Oaks and Derby races.

The Players’ Pool will use its expert wagering strategies to work for you by offering a $150,000 (maximum) pool. The Pool will utilize those funds to select the group tickets that the contributing members share proportionately. Players can jump into the pool for as little as $10. Don’t get shut out! The Players’ Pool is designed to be educational and fun and in no way guarantees a winning wager.

*********Kentucky Derby & Oaks 139 Players' Pool results**********

The Kentucky Oaks-Derby days Players Pool bet $150,000 over two days of racing at Churchill Downs, and had a gross return of $138,970.80 with a net return of $108,530.80.

The Players Pool did not have any returns on $42,691 wagered on Oaks day, but it did gross $138,970.80 on $107,309 wagered on Derby day. The after taxes return means those who contributed $10 will receive $7.22.

The Players Pool on Derby day hit the Pick 6 for $8 (four tickets) and had 116 consolation payoffs. It also had the superfecta for $2, and the all-stakes Pick 4 ending in the Kentucky Derby for $10.

Thank you for participating in this fun an educational activity!


Players' Pool History

The TwinSpires Players' Pool has been an ongoing, unique offering of since 2009, but it's rich history dates back as early as 2004 with AmericaTab.

The Pool has had several scores over the years including hitting the 2007 Kentucky Derby Pick 6 twice for over $460,000, taking down two New York carryovers in 2010 for over $400,000 each as well as capturing over $300,000 on the Thursday following the 2011 Kentucky Derby which featured a massive Pick 6 carryover.

The pool is an exciting, easy way to learn more about online wagering, betting exotic wagers and playing the horses.