Kentucky Derby & Oaks 140 Players' Pool

The Players' Pool goes after the lucrative Oaks and Derby Day multi-race wagers such as the Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 as well as the superfecta and Super High 5 on the Oaks and Derby races.

The Players’ Pool will use its expert wagering strategies to work for you by offering a $150,000 (maximum) pool. The Pool will utilize those funds to select the group tickets that the contributing members share proportionately. Players can jump into the pool for as little as $10.

The Kentucky Derby & Oaks 140 Players' Pool opens Monday, April 28 at 12:30pm ET.  Our Players' Pools sell out fast so don't wait to jump in!

**The Players’ Pool is designed to be educational and fun and in no way guarantees a winning wager.**


Kentucky Derby & Oaks 140 Players' Pool Wrap Up

The Kentucky Derby weekend Players' Pool had one of only two winning tickets on this year's Derby Super High 5 for a gross (i.e. pre-tax) return of $149,764.70.

Also on Saturday, the Players Pool hit the Pick 5 for $694.95, and six consolation payoffs in the Pick 6 for another $1,137.60.

On Oaks day, we hit the Super High 5 for $1,166.10, the superfecta for $298.90 (payouts on the Players' Pool page include refunds for the late scratch of Empress of Midway), the Pick 5 for $1,467.70, and the Pick 6 for $8,879.20, which includes one perfect ticket plus 25 (5/6) consolations.

The total gross (pre-tax) return for two days of wagering was $163,409.15.

Kentucky Derby & Oaks 140 Players' Pool Panel

Ed DeRosa (Captain) - Ed is the Director of Marketing for Bloodstock Research Information Services ( and a lifelong Thoroughbred racing enthusiast and astute handicapper. Ed joined Churchill Downs Inc. following nine years as a writer and editor with Thoroughbred Times. Ed will serve as “Captain” of the Players’ Pool for all major events including Breeders’ Cup, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and any other major multi-day carryover pools.

Bruno DeJulio – Bruno De Julio is most known for clocking horses for his Bruno With The Works product available daily on, but he is also an accomplished owner, breeder, and bloodstock agent who races horses with Galen Ho’o and partners throughout the United States and Canada.

James Scully - James Scully is editor of The Handicapper's Edge & The Bloodstock Journal on A lifelong University of Kentucky fan, James attended his first Kentucky Derby in 1981 (Plesant Colony) and hit this year's Derby superfecta for $28,542.

Players' Pool History

The TwinSpires Players' Pool has been an ongoing, unique offering of since 2009, but it's rich history dates back as early as 2004 with AmericaTab.

The Pool has had several scores over the years including hitting the 2007 Kentucky Derby Pick 6 twice for over $460,000, taking down two New York carryovers in 2010 for over $400,000 each as well as capturing over $300,000 on the Thursday following the 2011 Kentucky Derby which featured a massive Pick 6 carryover.

The pool is an exciting, easy way to learn more about online wagering, betting exotic wagers and playing the horses.