Kentucky #derbyfuture Twitter Contest feat. hansen

Here's how it works:

  • Be sure to "follow" TwinSpires on Twitter (click here to follow @TwinSpires)
  • There is one contest:
    • Tweet the final, closing WILL-PAY on Hansen to WIN in The Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool #2 (i.e. $18.20)
  • Followers may submit ONE tweet using the official contest hashtag (#derbyfuture) to guess the closing, final WILL-PAY on Hansen in Future Wager Pool #2.
  • Tweets must be received and officially recorded (as per the @TwinSpires Twitter feed) prior to the official post time of The Gotham Stakes (5:02pm ET, Saturday, March 3rd, 2012).
  • Tweets must include the following
    • Final WILL PAY (i.e. $28.20)
    • Official hashtag (#derbyfuture) for this specific contest
  • Entries MUST have all of the above information on each tweet
  • Only ONE entry permitted per Twitter account
  • Entries will ONLY be accepted if they are posted prior to the 2012 Gotham Stakes post time (5:02pm ET/2:02pm PT).
  • There will be ONE winner. Winner will be decided by who has come closest to guessing the final WILL PAY on Hansen in the Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool #2.
  • SAMPLE QUALIFYING TWEET: "Hansen Will Pay $28.20 in the #derbyfuture wager pool!"


  • There will be ONE winner. The tweet that comes closest to correctly guessing the final WILL PAY for Hansen in Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool #2 will be the winner and will win $100 (see below for payout details and rules).
  • In case of more than one winner, prize will be split evenly among winners.
  • Winners who have a wagering account, or live in a state where accepts wagering accounts will be required to receive prize money via a account**


  • Only one entry per Twitter account. If for some reason, more than one entry is submitted, ONLY the first entry will accepted
  • TwinSpires retains the right to disqualify any entry they deem inappropriate, or that is suspected of cheating
  • ONLY tweets publicly posted with the proper content (as per the rules) prior to post-time of the 2012 Gotham States will be accepted.
  • Official post time is:
    • 5:02pmET/2:02pm PT
  • Winners who do not have an open wagering account, but reside in a state where accepts wagering accounts will be required to open an account to receive prize money
  • Tweets MUST have at least the following information to be counted as an entry:
    • Official hashtag (#derbyfuture)
    • Dollar amount of final WILL PAY (i.e $12.80)
  • Winners may need to accurately fill out a W-9 in order to receive any cash credit winnings