Let-8-Ride At Arlington Archive

WEEK 7/7 - 7/10

 DateRaceLive PlayersContest BetResultsPayoutPrizesWinners
Thursday7/7AP 8TBA$8 Win#7 paid $8.00$32.00None112
Friday7/8AP 8112$32 Win#3 paid $11.60$185None8
Saturday7/9AP 88$185 Win#9 paid $13.80$1,276Insurance pays $5000 (7 split insurance pot)
Sunday7/10AP 70GameOverTBAJackpot pays $1000 

Saturday's Results:  7 players made the required $185 Win bet, but none selected the winning horse #9.  All seven players will split the insurance payout for making it to Saturday's round and making the required wager.

WEEK 7/14 - 7/17

DayDateRaceLive Players Contest BetResultsPayoutPrizesWinners
Thursday7/14AP 8TBA$8 Win#6 paid $13.60$54.40None57
Friday7/15AP 857$54 Win#4 paid $31.60$853.20None0
Saturday7/16AP 8TBAGameOverTBAInsurance pays $500TBA
Sunday7/17AP 8TBATBATBATBAJackpot pays $1000 

WEEK 7/21 - 7/24

DayDateRaceLive Players Contest BetResultsPayoutPrizesWinners
Thursday7/21AP 8TBA$8 Win#2 paid $5.00$20None89
Friday7/22AP 889$20 Win#9 paid $5.80$58None42
Saturday7/23AP 842$58 Win#7 paid $6.60$191Insurance pays $5005
Sunday7/24AP 76$191 Win#1 paid $11.00$1,050Jackpot pays $10001

Sunday Results: 5 players made the required contest wager and will split the $1,000 Jackpot prize.  Barry P. correctly picked #1 and parlayed his intial $8 into $1,250!  Congrats to him and all finalists.  Another game starts this Thursday.

Saturday's Results:  27 players made the official contest with 5 correctly picking #7 and moving on to Sunday's Final Round.  The 22 players who made the required contest wager and lost will split the $500 insurance payout.

WEEK OF 7/28 - 7/31

DayDateRaceLive PlayersContest BetResultsPayoutPrizesWinners
Thursday7/28AP 8TBA$8 Win#1 paid $7.20$28.80None55
Friday7/29AP 855$28 Win#2 paid $7.20$100.80None15
Saturday7/30AP 815$100 Win#1 paid $50.60$2,530Insurance pays $5000
Sunday7/31AP 8TBAGAMEOVERTBAJackpot pays $1000TBA

Saturday's results:  15 players made the required $100 contest wager but lost.  They will each split the $500 insurance payout.

WEEK OF 8/4 - 8/7

DayDateRaceLive PlayersContest BetResultsPayoutPrizesWinners
Thursday8/4AP 8TBA$8 Win#10 paid $6.60$26.40None81
Friday8/5AP 881$26 Win#6 paid $4.20$54.60None40
Saturday8/6AP 840$54 Win#10 paid $22.40$604.80Insurance pays $5001
Sunday8/7AP 71$604 Win#6 paid $21.00$6,342Jackpot pays $10000

Sunday's Results:  David P. "let it ride" one final time but came up just short behind #6 Jazzi Maria.   For making the required contest wager in the final round he will still take home the $1,000 Jackpot prize!  New game starts this Thursday.

Saturday's Results: David P. correctly bet on #10 and moves into the Final Round where he can claim the $1,000 Jackpot simply by letting his $604 ride on a Win bet!  Please remember Arlington has moved to a shortened Sunday card and the contest race is now Race 7.  39 other players made the required contest wager but lost.  They will all split the $500 Insurance Payout.