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Congratulations to Cary W. and Darrell P.

Both wagered the required $752 on Saturday night's 8th race on closing night at Delta Downs and came up a nose shy of more than doubling their winnings. Nevertheless, each player will collect $500 for playing Saturday night.  

Thanks to everyone for playing Let 8 Ride and Delta Downs with TwinSpires.com this year!

ROUND 4                              Saturday, March 17

Contest Bet:                         $752 to WIN (choose the "Other" option when selecting your bet amount)
Contest Race:                      8th at Delta Downs 
Live Players:                         3 - Cary W, Robert S. and Darrell P.

Jackpot Prize:                      $1,000 divided equally between all players who wager, win or lose.
Minimum Prize Value:         $333.34

Race Winner:                       #7 - Roll Preslee Roll paid $10.40
$752 Win bets pay:              $3,910.40
TwinSpires Winners:          0

ROUND 1                               Wednesday, March 14

Contest Bet:                          $8 to WIN
Contest Race:                       8th at Delta Downs 
Race Winner:                         #3 - Adamandaustinsgirl paid $12.60
$8 Win bets pay:                    $50.40
TwinSpires Winners:            47

ROUND 2                              Thursday, March 15

Contest Bet:                         $50 to WIN
Contest Race:                       8th at Delta Downs
Conditions:                           Only 1 contest bet on a single horse permitted
Live Players:                         47

Race Winner:                        #2 - Come On Lenard paid $9.40
$8 Win bets pay:                   $235.00
TwinSpires Winners:           15

ROUND 3                              Friday, March 16

Contest Bet:                         $235 to WIN
Contest Race:                      8th at Delta Downs
Conditions:                           Only 1 contest bet on a single horse permitted
Live Players:                        15

Insurance Prize:                   $500 divided equally between all players who wager and lose.
Race Winner:                        #8 - Change of Orders paid $6.40
$235 Win bets pay:               $752.00
TwinSpires Winners:           3 - Cary W, Robert S. and Darrell P.

Insurance Prize Winners:   $83.33 each awarded to Ron H, Josh W, Robert W, Michael V, James S, Thomas R.

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