Live Horse Racing

Live horse racing data from the paddock to the finish line, our live horse racing data and streaming videos will help you make the winning decisions.

Live Horse Racing

TwinSpires offers Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarter Horse racing live, free with registration.

Knowledge is power, especially when you're handicapping. Get yours in real time.

Horse racing information changes in an instant: Scratches, weather, second calls, carry weights, odds, and penalties. A flash on the board and you may need to change strategy and your bets. If something's going to affect a horse race, you need to know it. So if yobu're not betting online with up-to-the-minute live horse racing data and live video feeds, you're just handicapping and gambling in the dark.

TwinSpires TV is your eyes and ears at the track. It provides live handicapping and wagering information and near real-time* live video feeds every minute of every race to keep your strategy agile. After all, it's not what you know, but what you don't know in online horse racing that can ruin your day. Trust to bring you all the live action at over 300 racetracks in the U.S. and around the world-with the highest quality video streaming of any ADW.

Consider some of the recent upgrades to the new and improved TwinSpires TV platform:

Better Quality

We’ve upgraded to eliminate Flash! Now you can enjoy high-resolution video streams, with sharper display on every race. Make more informed handicapping and betting decisions with ‘angles’ integrated into the program menu.

With higher video resolution and increased bandwidth, TwinSpires TV lets you watch each horse, and each race in superb detail - details that can help you make more informed handicapping and betting decisions.

Enjoy a premium video experience on any smart phone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. Get TwinSpires TV for free with registration through today!

Recent Tracks

Now every time you switch tracks, you can quickly switch back with the running list right above the video feed.

Quickly toggle between up to 5 different races through the video dashboard and stay on top of all the action while logged into your account.

Twinspires TV puts you in the know.

How does your horse look before the race? What's the racetrack's condition? Need to adjust to late scratches? With minimal latency and delays, you can see exactly what's happening on the thoroughbred or harness tracks. Real-time racing and program information, including Exotics, Pools, Will Pays and Probables, will help you look for value before you place your bet.

Wager with confidence.

Because of the near real time, online streaming, you're able to submit your online wagers as close to post as possible. Our Quick-Bet Wager Pad makes sure you get every bet in, even down to the wire as the horses are loading into the gates. With fewer dropped bets, you'll have less frustration with missed opportunities.

It's like having your own personal OTB.

Watch live horse racing on up to Five tracks at the same time. Follow your favorite tracks, keep an eye on up-and-coming horses, watch a trainer's horses in different conditions - all at the same time, and all in the same incredible detail you can only get with TwinspiresTV. Multiply your online handicapping and wagering experience at!

With up-to-the-minute live data, full results, changes and news updates at every track we carry, TwinSpires TV lets you see what's happening now, and shows you the action as it unfolds. If it's happening in the horse-racing world, members will know about it. Sign up with, there are never any fees to wager, and you'll get unlimited race replays from our expansive library and TwinSpires TV.

Get all the live horse racing information you need as it happens - it's all here.

Have you experienced TwinSpires TV yet? It's FREE when you Sign Up for a account.

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