New Wager Now

Changes to the TwinSpires Wager Now and Classic Interface 

Due to repeated requests from customers over some time, today will release its new and updated version of the Wager Now page. Some great features of this version are if the customer chooses a track and navigates away from the page, the track will remain. Also, when choosing a track in Classic for instance, the customer can now sort by MTP. This will apply to Keeneland Select as well. As for the AmericaTab Affiliates, since they only have the Classic Wager Pad they will see the changes made to Classic.

Below are what the changes will look like:

Wager Now Screen 

Old Wager Now screen
Wager Now
Screen - Old
New Wager Now screen

 Changes to the Wager Now screen: 

  1. Tracks are not listed on the new page
  2. 3 Choices instead of 4 (Express and Pro are Combined)
  3. Order of choices has been changed, TV has been moved to the top, Classic is now last.
  4. We added a description for each choice

Classic Wagering Interface 

Old Classic
Classic Old
New Classic
Classic New

 Changes to the Classic interface: 

  1. You can sort by MTP (Minutes to Post)
  2. If you leave the page and come back, your tracks will be saved. This is only for Classic, since Express, Pro, and TV open a New Page.