OMNI Wager Now Available for International Racing

OMNI/Swinger wager - Make two selections to occupy two of the first three places in a race. There are three winning combinations and if your selections both finish in the first three, in any order, you win.

International Racing on TwinSpires offers many of the same bet types that you are already familiar with – Win, Place, Exacta, Quinella and Trifecta. They also feature a new wager type, the OMNI.

The OMNI, abbreviated on our wagerpads and in our results as ‘Omni/Swinger,’ is one of the most popular bets overseas, and challenges bettors to pick 2 of the first 3 finishers of a race in any order. For example, if you place an Omni wager with the #1 and #2 horses, you’re a winner as long as both of those horses run in the top 3, even if they finish 2nd and 3rd. Think of it as a hybrid between an Exacta and a Trifecta, but with a better chance of cashing a ticket.

OMNI/Swinger FAQ's

How does the OMNI wager work?

  • The bet is active in all races with six or more runners.  If scratches occur and the field drops to 4 or 5, the Omni is still offered but it only pays for first two runners (like a quinella) instead of the first 3.
  • In order to win you have to predict two runners that will finish in the first three positions in any order.
  • A separate dividend is paid for each winning combination (1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd, 2nd & 3rd). In case of dead heat for the third position a separate dividend for all five winning combinations is paid. The combination of the two horses finished third is not considered as a winning combination.
  • If there is no winning ticket in a race, the total pool after the deduction of the percentages of the Club (net pool), is transferred to the next race in which the bet is active. This procedure repeats until a winning ticket is found.

What tracks offer the OMNI wager?

The OMNI is currently available only on races in the UK, South Africa, and Dubai.

How can I place and OMNI wager?

The OMNI is available on TwinSpires Express, Pro, and TV, but is not yet available on Classic and mobile.  The OMNI is also available by phone with a live teller but not available on IVR.
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