Outcap Da Shap - How to Play

Wednesday-Sunday at Del Mar


  • Play the Late Pick 4 on the same day Scott Shapiro plays his ticket(s). Scott will play on the following days:
    • Opening weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • After opening weekend: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Saturday, if necessary)
  • Build your tickets as you wish, using any combination and denominations you choose - all of your Pick 4 tickets will count in the contest.
  • Do not play Scott's ticket, as you cannot win if you play the exact same ticket as he does.
  • If the Scott's Late Pick 4 ticket is a loser, all TwinSpires players who cash a winning ticket in the same Pick 4 will win or split $1,000 equally.
  • Winning ticket holders may only earn one (1) share of the daily prize regardless of the dollar value of the wager placed or the number of winning tickets cashed in the Late Pick 4.
  • If the Scott's Late Pick 4 ticket is a winner, the $1,000 daily prize will be carried over add added to the next day’s prize.
    • After opening weekend, if Scott has a winning ticket on any Friday card, the cumulative prize money offered on that Friday will carry over to Saturday and the contest will continue on Saturday. 
    • If Scott has a winning Late Pick 4 ticket on both Friday and Saturday, he will not play a ticket on Sunday and the cumulative prize money going into Friday's Late Pick 4 will be paid out to all Late Pick 4 winners on Sunday.
  • If the Scott's ticket is a loser and there are no winners in the Late Pick 4 on TwinSpires.com, the that day's prize will be carried over to the next contest day.
  • In the event of a scratch on his ticket, Scott will receive the starting favorite, per the Pick 4 rules at Del Mar.

Cash prizes earned during the race week - Wednesday through Sunday - at Del Mar will be credited on or before the Tuesday of the following week. Please read the rules carefully. If you have questions, contact contests@TwinSpires.com.