Outcap Da Shap - Results & Winners

Wednesday-Sunday at Del Mar


Scott's Results, Carryovers, Contest Winners will be updated on a next-day basis.

Day & DateLate Pick 4 PayoutScott's ResultWinnersPrize Money
Friday, Sept. 2$385.90Losing ticket120$8.84
Thursday, Sept. 1$89.45Losing ticket258$3.88
Wednesday, Aug. 31$550.05Losing ticket74$13.52
Friday, Aug. 26$545.15Losing ticket55$18.19
Thursday, Aug. 25$140.50Losing ticket117$17.10
Wednesday, Aug. 24$858.90Winning ticketCarryover$0.00
Sunday, Aug. 21MandatoryPayout207$4.84
Saturday, Aug. 20$443.45Winning ticketCarryover!$0.00
Friday, Aug. 19$410.50Losing ticket67$14.93
Thursday, Aug. 18$229.45Losing ticket131$7.64
Wednesday, Aug. 17$2,430.30Losing ticket16$62.50
Friday, Aug. 12$1,332.65Losing ticket18$55.56
Thursday, Aug. 11$74.55Losing ticket259$7.73
Wednesday, Aug. 10$159.85Winning Ticket0Carryover
Friday, Aug. 5$667.15Losing Ticket47$42.56
Thursday, Aug. 4$461.30Winning ticketCarryover!$0.00
Wednesday, Aug. 3$1,049.40Losing Ticket26$38.47
Friday, July 29$382.15Losing Ticket81$12.35
Thursday, July 28$339.85Losing Ticket81$12.35
Wednesday, July 27$588.55Losing ticket59$16.95
Friday, July 15$2,054.60Losing ticket28$35.72
Saturday, July 16$1,136.60Losing ticket32$31.25
Sunday, July 17$126.70Winning ticketCarryover!$1,000
Wednesday, July 20$915.05Losing ticket40$50.00
Thursday, July 21$285.10Winning ticketCarryover!$0.00
Friday, July 22$32.70Winning ticketCarryover!$0.00
Saturday, July 23$780.80Losing ticket100$20.00
Sunday, July 24ContestResumesWednesday---