$25,000 Outcap Da Shap Pick 4 Challenge

Friday - Sunday at Del Mar
$2,000 Prize Thursday, Aug. 25!

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This summer, take on our Del Mar correspondent, Scott Shapiro - a/k/a "Shapper Da Capper" - for a chance to win $1,000 or more in the Late Pick 4 at Del Mar. Each day during opening weekend, Scott will wager up to $100 into the Late Pick 4. If you hit it on a day he misses, you will win or split $1,000 with all other winners on TwinSpires.

After opening weekend, Scott will play tickets every Wednesday - Friday at Del Mar. Play as many tickets as you want in the same Late Pick 4 pool Scott plays for a chance to cash for more than the track payout.

If Scott cashes a winning ticket, that day's prize will carry over to the next day. If Scott hits his Friday ticket, the cumulative prize money on Friday will carry over to Saturday. If Scott has winning tickets on both Friday and Saturday, there will be a mandatory payout of that week's prize money to all winners in the Late Pick 4 on Sunday