Pimlico Jockey Challenge

$50,000 Pimlico Jockey Challenge Wager
Friday, May 14th

Eight of the country's most talented riders face off at Pimlicoon Friday, May 14th - names like: Javier Castellano, Kent Desormeaux, Ramon Dominguez, Garrett Gomez, Julien Leparoux, Anna Napravnik, Jeremy Rose and John Velazquez are riding in a series of four races on the Black-eyed Susan Day car, these jockeys are competing for a $50,000 purse.

Jockey Challenge Contenders and Statistics -

Jockey Challenge Races - 3, 5, 7 & 10 Friday, May 14th

Jockey Challenge Results

Race 3
 Race 5
 Race 7 Race 10
 Javier Castellano
   12    0   12     0 24
 Kent Desormeaux
    4   12    0     6 22
 Ramon Dominguez
    0    0    0    12 12
 Garrett Gomez
    0    0    6     0 6
 Julien Leparoux
    0    3    4     4 11
 Rosie Napravnik    0    0    3     0 3
 Jeremy Rose
    3    4    0     0 7
 John Velazquez    6    6    0     3 15

How to Win the Jockey Challenge Wager

Players select the jockey that accumulates the most points in the FOUR races according to this scale:

1st place finish: 12 points

2nd place finish: 6 points

3rd place finish: 4 points

4th place finish: 3 points

  1. If there is a dead heat for any position in one or more of the races comprising this event, the points for the position dead-heated and subsequent position or positions, as appropriate, shall be aggregated and then allocated proportionately for the horses involved in the dead heat.
  2. If a horse is scratched or declared a nonstarter in the race and the selected jockey is not reassigned a mount, the actual favorite, as evidenced by the amounts wagered in the win pool at the time of the start of that race will be substituted for the non-starting selection.
  3. If the rider is reassigned a mount due to a scratch, any points earned in accordance with the scale described in §D(1) of this Regulation by the re-assigned mount shall be credited to the jockey's point score.
  4. If a jockey fails to a ride a horse to which the jockey has been assigned for any reason other than a scratch or that horse being declared a "non-starter," and the jockey is not reassigned to another mount in that same race, points shall be awarded based upon the finish of the horse to which the jockey originally was assigned.

Cancellation of Races-"No Race"

  1. If a race in the jockey challenge event is cancelled or declared "No Race", the winners shall be determined by the points awarded in the remaining races comprising the jockey challenge event.
  2.  If two or more of the races comprising the jockey challenge event are cancelled or declared "No Race", the entire jockey challenge event pool shall be refunded.

After the last race of the jockey challenge event, the points earned by each of the participating jockeys shall be totaled and the betting interest with the:

  1. Highest number of points shall be considered to have finished first; and
  2. Second highest number of points shall be considered to have finished second. 

**The Jockey Challenge is a real money wager

**The wager can either be a straight win wager or in an exacta format.

**Win Wager - $2 minimum base wager

**EXACTA - $2 minimum wager with $1 boxes and wheels.

**The wager must be placed before the first Jockey Challenge Race (Race 3) approximately 1:15pm ET on Friday, May 14th.