- New Player Quick Tips (YouBet) - New Player Quick Tips

1 - Logging In - You can log in to your account with your user name (that means your handle) and your password from Youbet. PLEASE CLICK ON THE "LOGIN BUTTON" (just hitting "ENTER" may mistakenly take you to the "forgot login" page.)

2 - Handicapping Information - In order to access and purchase handicapping products within you will need to activate your Brisnet handicapping information account. Once logged in, you are able to do this in the "Manage My Account" section. When you activate your Brisnet account you will be able to supply a credit card handicapping information purchases.

3 - Funding Your Account - If you used XpressCash at Youbet for ACH deposits and withdrawals you will be automatically set up to do EZMoney ACH deposits and withdrawals at free of charge.

  •  Your first deposit will be limited to $500 but if you are authorized for larger ACH transactions you will be able make larger same-day transactions.
  • Please note that withdrawing funds that have been deposited via ACH requires up to five business days.

4 - Reward Points Conversion - When your account was moved to your Youbet Advantage Points were converted to Twin Spires Club points. The points were converted based on their cash value. If you had just enough Youbet Advantage Points to redeem for a $10 wagering credit then we gave you the exact amount of Twin Spires Club points needed to redeem for a $10 wagering credit. Every 10,000 Twin Spires Club points is worth a $10 wagering credit on Click "tsc rewards" and the "my point balance" link on the right side to check your points.

5 - Video Subscriptions - Currently all players are set to have Free video and race replay access. If you had credits built up for subscription services at those will be honored.

6 - Watch Notifications - If you had a watch notification for horses or trainers set up at we are in the process of transferring the horses and trainers you were following to the Stable Alert feature on found under the "Manage My Account" section at If you were following horses or trainers at, we will notify you when your Stable Alert has been updated. We anticiapte this will be completed very soon.

Update 12/17: Watch notification for horses and trainers for thoroughbreds have been migrated to Stable Alert and now available under the "Manage My Account" section.

7 - Site Upgrades To Come
 - We will be rolling out several new features and site upgrades very soon including Bris Super Stats within the TwinSpires Express wagering interface.

Update 12/17: BRIS Super States are Now Available in TwinSpires Express