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Woodbine Track Facts

  • Address: 555 Rexdale Boulevard Toronto, ON M9W 5L2
  • Phone: (416) 675-7223
  • Website: woodbineentertainment.com
  • Main track (dirt): 1 1/8 mile oval
  • Inner dirt track: 1 mile oval
  • Turf: 7/8 mile 43 feet, oval
  • 547 stalls = 14 barns (2 receiving, 1 pony)

Woodbine Racetrack, located in Toronto, Canada, is the vision of Edward Plunket “E.P.” Taylor, who became director of the Ontario Jockey Club in 1947. Constructed on 780 acres in the Township of Etobicoke, the track first opened in 1956 with a one-mile dirt track and a seven-eighths of a mile turf course.

2021 Stakes Schedule at Woodbine

DatePurse / Race NameDivisionDistance
1-May$150,000 / Whimsical Stakes (G3)F&M, 4YO+Six Furlongs
2-May$150,000 / Jacques Cartier Stakes (G3)4YO+Six Furlongs
8-May$125,000 / Star Shoot Stakes3YOFSix Furlongs
9-May$125,000 / Woodstock Stakes3YOSix Furlongs
16-May$150,000 / Trillium Stakes (G3)F&M, 4YO+1 1/16 Miles
22-May$175,000 / Royal North Stakes (G2T)F&M, 4YO+Six Furlongs (T)
23-May$175,000 / Connaught Cup (G2T)F&M, 4YO+Seven Furlongs (T)
29-May$125,000 / Fury Stakes3YOF (Can-Bred)Seven Furlongs
30-May$125,000 / Queenston Stakes3YO (Can-Bred)Seven Furlongs
6-Jun$100,000 / Ballade StakesF&M, 3YO+ (ONT Sired)Six Furlongs
12-Jun$100,000 / Great Lakes Stakes4YO+1 1/16 Miles
12-Jun$150,000 / Bold Venture Stakes (G3)4YO+6 1/2 Furlongs
13-Jun$150,000 / Sir Barton Stakes3YO (Ont-bred)1 1/16 Miles (T)
19-Jun$175,000 / Nassau StakesF&M, 4YO+One Mile (T)
26-Jun$150,000 / Selene Stakes (G3)3YOF1 1/16 Miles
27-Jun$150,000 / Marine Stakes (G3)3YO1 1/16 Miles
1-Jul$150,000 / Dominion Day Stakes (G3)4YO+1 1/8 Miles
3-Jul$100,000 / Sweet Briar Too Overnight StakesF&M, 4YO+6 1/2 Furlongs
10-Jul$100,000 / King Corrie Overnight Stakes3YO6 1/2 Furlongs
17-Jul$150,000 / Ontario Matron StakesF&M, 4YO+1 1/16 miles
17-Jul$150,000 / Vigil Stakes (G3)4YO+Six Furlongs
18-Jul$150,000 / Ontario Colleen Stakes (G3T)3YOFOne Mile (T)
25-Jul$500,000 / Woodbine Oaks Presented By Budweiser3YOF (Can-Bred)1 1/8 Miles
25-Jul$150,000 / Plate Trial Stakes3YO (Can-Bred)1 1/8 Miles
25-Jul$100,000 / Niagara Stakes4YO+1 1/8 Miles (T)
31-Jul$125,000 / My Dear Stakes2YOF5 1/2 Furlongs
31-Jul$100,000 / Zadracarta StakesF&M, 4YO+ (ONT-Bred)Five Furlongs (T)
1-Aug$125,000 / Victoria Stakes2YO5 1/2 Furlongs
7-Aug$100,000 / Ontario Jockey Club Stakes3YO+Six Furlongs
14-Aug$150,000 / Seaway Stakes (G3)F&M, 4YO+Seven Furlongs
14-Aug$125,000 / Greenwood Stakes3YO7 1/2 Furlongs (T)
15-Aug$175,000 / Dance Smartly Stakes (G3)F&M, 3YO+1 1/4 Miles (T)
15-Aug$250,000 / Bison City Stakes3YOF (Can-Bred)1 1/16 Miles
21-Aug$125,000 / Catch A Glimpse Stakes2YOF6 1/2 Furlongs (T)
21-Aug$125,000 / Soaring Free Stakes2YO6 1/2 Furlongs (T)
22-Aug$1,000,000 / The Queen's Plate3YO (Can-Bred)1 1/4 Miles
22-Aug$350,000 / Highlander Stakes (G1T)3YO+Six Furlongs (T)
22-Aug$150,000 / Singspiel Stakes (G3T)3YO+1 1/4 Miles (T)
22-Aug$100,000 / Alywow Stakes3YOF6 1/2 furlongs (T)
22-Aug$175,000 / King Edward Stakes (G2T)3YO+One Mile (T)
29-Aug$200,000 / Muskoka Stakes2YOF (Can-Bred)6 1/2 Furlongs
29-Aug$200,000 / Simcoe Stakes2YOC&G (Can-Bred)6 1/2 Furlongs
29-Aug$100,000 / Algoma Stakes3YOF (Can-Bred)Seven Furlongs
29-Aug$100,000 / Elgin Stakes3YOC&G (Can-Bred)Seven Furlongs
4-Sep$150,000 / Hendrie Stakes (G3)F&M, 4YO+6 1/2 Furlongs
5-Sep$100,000 / Belle Mahone Overnight StakesF&M, 3YO+1 1/16 Miles
11-Sep$150,000 / Seagram Cup (G3)                                     4YO+1 1/16 Miles
11-Sep$150,000 / Vice Regent Stakes3YO+ (Ont-Bred)Five Furlongs (T)
12-Sep$125,000 / Toronto Cup 3YOOne Mile (T)
17-Sep$100,000 / Victorian Queen Stakes2YOF (Ont-Sired)One Mile (T)
17-Sep$100,000 / Bull Page Stakes2YOC&G (Ont-Sired)One Mile (T)
18-Sep$1,000,000 / Ricoh Woodbine Mile (G1T)3YO+One Mile (T)
18-Sep$600,000 / Pattison Canadian International Stakes (G1T)3YO+1 1/2 Miles (T)
18-Sep$250,000 / Canadian Stakes (G2T)F&M, 3YO+1 1/8 Miles (T)
19-Sep$400,000 / Natalma Stakes (G1T)2YOFOne Mile (T)
19-Sep$400,000 / Summer Stakes (G1T)2YOOne Mile (T)
19-Sep$125,000 / Ontario Racing Stakes2YOFive Furlongs (T)
19-Sep$125,000 / Woodbine Cares Stakes2YOFFive Furlongs (T)
25-Sep$125,000 / Duchess Stakes3YOFSeven Furlongs
1-Oct$100,000 / Overskate Stakes3YO+ (Ont-Sired)7 1/2 Furlongs (T)
2-Oct$250,000 / Wonder Where Stakes3YOF (Can-Bred)1 1/4 Miles (T)
3-Oct$400,000 / Breeders' Stakes3YO (Can-Bred)1 1/2 Miles (T)
8-Oct$150,000 / Shady Well Stakes2YOF (Ont-Bred)5 1/2 Furlongs
8-Oct$150,000 / Clarendon Stakes2YO (Ont-Bred)5 1/2 Furlongs
9-Oct$100,000 / Eternal Search StakesF&M, 3YO+7 1/2 Furlongs (T)
10-Oct$250,000 / Cup & Saucer Stakes2YO (Can-Bred)1 1/16 Miles (T)
16-Oct$150,000 / Ontario Fashion Stakes (G3)F&M, 3YO+Six Furlongs
16-Oct$150,000 / Durham Cup (G3)3YO+1 1/16 Miles
17-Oct$600,000 / E. P. Taylor Stakes (G1T)F&M, 3YO+1 1/4 Miles (T)
17-Oct$250,000 / Nearctic Stakes (G2T)3YO+Six Furlongs (T)
23-Oct$250,000 / Princess Elizabeth Stakes2YOF (Can-Bred)1 1/16 Miles
30-Oct$125,000 / Glorious Song Stakes2YOFSeven Furlongs
30-Oct$125,000 / Display Stakes2YOSeven Furlongs
30-Oct$250,000 / Coronation Futurity2YO (Can-Bred)1 1/8 Miles
31-Oct$125,000 / Ontario Damsel Stakes3YOF1 1/16 Miles
31-Oct$150,000 / Ontario Derby (G3)3YO1 1/8 Miles
7-Nov$175,000 / Bessarabian Stakes (G2)F&M, 3YO+Seven Furlongs
13-Nov$150,000 / Maple Leaf Stakes (G3)F&M, 3YO+1 1/4 Miles
14-Nov$175,000 / Autumn Stakes3YO+1 1/16 Mies
21-Nov$100,000 / South Ocean Stakes2YOF (Ont-Sired)6 1/2 Furlongs
21-Nov$100,000 / Frost King Stakes2YO (Ont-Sired)6 1/2 Furlongs
27-Nov$175,000 / Kennedy Road Stakes (G2)3YO+Six Furlongs
28-Nov$150,000 / Mazarine Stakes (G3)2YOF1 1/16 Miles
28-Nov$150,000 / Grey Stakes (G3)2YO1 1/16 Miles
4-Dec$100,000 / La Prevoyante StakesF&M, 3YO+ (Ont-Sired)1 1/16 Miles
4-Dec$100,000 / Steady Growth Stakes3YO+ (Ont-Sired)1 1/16 Miles
5-Dec$150,000 / Valedictory Stakes (G3)3YO+1 1/2 Miles

Woodbine Racing & Track History

Woodbine Racetrack, located in Toronto, Canada, is the vision of Edward Plunket “E.P.” Taylor, who became director of the Ontario Jockey Club in 1947. Constructed on 780 acres in the Township of Etobicoke, the track first opened in 1956 with a one-mile dirt track and a seven-eighths of a mile turf course.

In 1994, Woodbine became the first North American track to hold Thoroughbred racing in the day and Standardbred racing at night. To do so, a new seven-eighths of a mile Harness track, a one-mile Thoroughbred dirt track and a 1 ½-mile turf course – named the E.P. Taylor Turf Course after the track’s founder – were constructed.

Just two years later it became the first, and to date only, track outside of the United States to host the Breeders’ Cup.

Woodbine is home to the Queen’s Plate, North America’s oldest continuously run stakes race and Canada’s equivalent of the Kentucky Derby. The race name switches between “Queen’s Plate” and “King’s Plate” depending on the current ruling English monarch. The race celebrates its 156th running on July 5, 2015, and has seen in attendance Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip on multiple occasions.

Woodbine has provided a picturesque background to many of racing’s elite, including breed-shaping sire Northern Dancer, who became the first Canadian-bred to win the Kentucky Derby, and of course the immortal Secretariat, who closed out his career with victory in the Canadian International Championship in 1973.

Currently, Woodbine still sports a one-mile main track, though the dirt has been switched out for synthetic Polytrack, its famed E.P. Taylor Turf Course, and the Standardbred track.

Woodbine boasts a seating capacity of 12,000, though the largest recorded attendance came to 42,243, and a parking capacity of 14,700. Admission and general parking are free, and there are several dining options available on track. 

The Woodbine Grandstand Experience