Rebate Rates – Wyoming

Exclusive Rebate Rates –

Exclusive 2019 Rebate Rates: Wyoming

Congratulations! You have been enrolled in TwinSpires’ exclusive 2019 Rebate program.

Your rebates kick in as soon as you hit your monthly target and there is no cap on how much you could earn! If you have questions about your monthly target or any other aspect of this offer, please contact your VIP representative by email at, or by phone at 1-877-774-7375.

Top 20 Thoroughbred Tracks

Arlington International Racecourse0.52% 0.76%1.80%0.00%0.00%0.66%0.77%1.19%1.36%2.68%2.69%1.28%
Aqueduct1.28% 0.00%1.32%2.03%1.77%0.79%0.00%0.95%0.74%2.36%2.31%0.89%
Belmont Park1.16% 0.00%1.29%1.63%1.74%0.77%0.59%0.93%0.91%2.37%2.38%1.09%
Churchill Downs1.67% 1.62%1.74%1.71%1.62%0.35%0.48%0.92%1.15%1.65%1.68%0.88%
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club1.16% 2.03%1.80%1.71%1.86%0.75%2.01%0.79%0.85%1.98%1.99%0.73%
Delta Downs1.74% 0.00%2.29%2.71%0.00%0.00%0.00%1.94%1.91%3.15%3.17%1.97%
Golden Gate Fields1.57% 2.25%2.06%2.22%2.24%0.00%2.23%1.04%1.11%2.22%2.24%0.86%
Gulfstream Park1.31% 1.15%1.56%1.41%1.30%0.64%1.46%1.30%1.28%2.75%2.72%1.14%
Indiana Downs3.05% 3.05%3.08%2.76%1.17%0.69%0.00%2.63%2.38%3.03%3.04%2.34%
Fair Grounds2.13% 3.07%2.11%2.99%2.98%2.98%0.00%1.70%1.72%2.98%2.99%1.58%
Keeneland2.21% 2.20%1.73%2.13%2.16%0.70%0.00%1.30%1.43%2.02%2.12%1.24%
Laurel Park2.40% 0.00%2.56%3.08%0.00%1.22%2.10%2.07%2.29%3.28%3.60%2.06%
Mountaineer Park2.39% 0.00%2.32%3.58%3.54%3.52%0.00%2.06%2.12%3.54%3.47%2.13%
Oaklawn Park2.07% 0.00%2.08%2.07%2.06%2.05%0.00%1.59%1.45%2.05%2.05%1.48%
Philadelphia Park2.36% 0.00%2.42%2.81%2.95%0.00%0.00%2.08%1.64%4.38%4.37%1.95%
Santa Anita Park1.31% 2.05%1.87%1.98%1.98%0.98%1.84%0.80%0.82%2.01%2.03%0.70%
Saratoga Thoroughbred Raceway1.02% 0.00%1.15%1.90%2.01%0.62%0.81%0.79%0.81%2.22%2.22%0.75%
Tampa Bay Downs1.49% 1.46%2.00%1.45%1.45%0.84%0.00%1.57%1.55%3.03%3.05%1.43%
Charles Town Race Course2.12% 0.00%2.19%2.72%1.32%0.00%0.76%2.09%1.55%2.77%2.77%1.95%
Woodbine Thoroughbred1.70% 1.67%2.79%3.83%3.67%3.49%0.00%2.18%2.23%3.94%3.69%1.72%

Top 10 Harness Tracks

Hoosier Park0.00% 0.00%2.71%0.00%0.00% 0.00%0.00%2.27%2.26%2.69%2.67%2.17%
Miami Valley0.00% 0.00%3.28%0.00%0.00% 1.14%0.00%2.73%2.90%3.26%3.28%2.73%
The Meadows0.00% 0.00%2.41%0.00%0.00% 0.00%0.00%2.06%1.79%0.00%3.34%1.96%
Meadowlands Racecourse (Harness)0.00% 0.00%2.08%0.00%0.00% 1.23%0.00%2.04%1.84%2.26%3.23%1.94%
Northfield Park2.98% 1.26%2.97%1.18%1.14% 0.00%0.00%2.42%2.12%2.91%2.89%2.24%
Pocono Downs0.00% 0.00%2.65%0.00%1.72% 0.00%0.00%2.59%2.36%4.75%4.80%2.74%
Pompano Park2.88% 0.00%2.80%0.00%1.10% 3.08%1.68%2.78%1.67%3.58%3.53%2.82%
Yonkers Raceway2.71% 0.00%2.73%3.67%0.00% 0.00%0.00%2.42%2.32%3.67%3.68%2.42%
Woodbine Harness2.91% 0.00%2.91%3.99%3.79% 1.80%0.00%2.40%2.40%4.06%4.18%2.30%
Hawthorne Night0.00% 0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00% 0.00%0.00%1.81%2.03%3.30%3.26%1.98%

*Disclaimer: TwinSpires reserves the right to alter or discontinue any aspect of this program. The amounts listed on this document are subject to change without notice. This 2019 offer is exclusive to your state of residence and based on the rates negotiated by TwinSpires for each track and pool. TwinSpires rates are not fixed and may be adjusted with each new or updated contract; this may affect your rebate. Certain tracks may not be available in all states due to restrictions in place by your state. You must wager your personalized target each month before any rebate amount begins to accrue. There is no cap on the amount of rebate you can earn in a month. Rebates will be credited to your TwinSpires account by the end of business on the third day of each month, for the preceding month’s activity. Please contact your VIP representative for the latest rate sheet.