Saratoga Cold Double - How To Play

Wednesday - Monday at SaratogaOutcap Da Shap at Del Mar


How to Play

  • The Cold Double contest is offered on every live racecard at Saratoga from July 22 - Sept. 5.
  • Only Daily Doubles at Saratoga are eligible for contest play.
  • Players may participate by placing a $5 "straight or cold" Daily Double wager on a single combination (a $5 total bet) starting in any race at Saratoga.
  • Only a player's first $5 straight Daily Double wager in a qualifying race will qualify as his or her official contest wager.
  • Players may place a $5 straight Daily Double wager in as many races as they wish in an attempt to cash a winning contest wager.    

How to Win

  • All players who cash at least one (1) winning "Cold Double" on a single card at Saratoga will win or split the $500 daily cash prize with all other winners on TwinSpires.
  • For the purpose of contest play, consolation payouts qualify as winning wagers.
  • Winning ticket holders may only earn one (1) share of the daily prize regardless of the number of winning Daily Double tickets cashed.
  • In the event no players cash a winning Cold Double on a single card at Saratoga, the daily prize will carry over and be added to the daily prize for the next live racecard at Saratoga.

$5,000 Meet Bonus

  • The player or players who cash a winning Cold Double on the most days at Saratoga will win or split a $5,000 Bonus.

Daily Prizes Doubled on Labor Day Weekend

  • Daily cash prizes will be $1,000 during Labor Day weekend, September 2 - 5.

Cash prizes earned during the race week - Monday through Sunday - at Saratoga will be credited on or before the Tuesday of the following week.

Please read rules carefully. If you have questions, contact