Saturday Showdown at Saratoga

Congratulations to following Players for winning the Saturday SHOWdown at Saratoga promotion on Saturday, August 7.

Brian R. of Newport, OR
Rachel H. of Troy, NY

Both Players split the 1,000,000 Twin Spires Club point prize pool equally for placing one winning Show wager on the first six races of the Saratoga Saturday card.

This Saturday, TwinSpires Players can earn up to 1,000,000 TwinSpires Club points by playing the "1,000,000 Point Saturday SHOWdown at Saratoga".

All TwinSpires Players who successfully make a minimum $10 winning show wager on each race at Saratoga on Saturday, August 7 (using their TwinSpires wagering account) will share in a prize pool of 1,000,000 Twin Spires Club points.

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Official Contest Rules

How To Win

  • TwinSpires Players must place one $10 minimum Show wager (using their TwinSpires wagering account) on a single horse or entry in all races at Saratoga on Saturday, August 7. If that horse finishes first, second or third, you may continue to the second race where you will again wager at least $10 to show on a horse (Race 3). If that horse finishes first, second or third in the second race then you may continue to the next race (Race 4). The contest will continue for each consecutive race until your selected horse finishes out of the money. The TwinSpires Player(s) that lasts the longest will share in the 1,000,000 Twin Spires Club point prize pool.
  • No multi-horse wagers are allowed. Only one (1) contest wager per race is allowed. 
  • In the event that multiple single entry only $10 minimum Show wagers are placed on the same race, the FIRST single entry $10 Show wager will count toward the contest.

Contest Rules

  • This contest is open only to TwinSpires Players.
  • Limit one (1) contest entry per Player
  • Players must place an actual winning minimum $10 Show Wager (through their TwinSpires wagering account) for each race at Saratoga on Saturday, August 7 to qualify.
  • Wagers must be made through Players TwinSpires wagering account or with a No Purchase Necessary entry.
  • Winning results will be a determined by the official order of finish for each race.
  • In the event there is more then one winner the 1,000,000 TwinSpires Club prize pool will be shared among all Players that qualify

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