Show/Place/Win for 1-Million Points Labor Day Weekend

Summer is winding down, but the racing is still hot and this holiday weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) TwinSpires Players have an opportunity to earn a share of 1,000,000 TSC Elite Points by playing the our Labor Day Weekend Show-Place-Win Contest.

Players who place one winning $10 Show wager on Saturday**, one winning $10 Place wager on Sunday** and one winning $10 Win wager on Monday** in any of the eligible contest races below will claim a share of the 1,000,000 TSC Elite Points. Labor Day Weekend Show/Place/Win Winners Announced:

Congratulations to the 14 winners who cashed on their $10 contest wagers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Each winners earned an additional 71,428 TSC Elite points for their score!

Thanks to everyone for playing the Decathlon. Labor Day Weekend Show/Place/Win Winners list

Official Contest Races:

Saturday, September 1st

Cash a winning $10 SHOW Wager on ONE of the three races below:

  • G1 Forego Stakes (Saratoga - Race 9, 5:12pm ET/2:12pm PT) or the
  • G1Woodward Stakes (Saratoga - Race 10, 5:45pm ET/2:45pm PT) or the
  • G1 Del Mar Debutante Stakes (Del Mar - Race 9, 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT)

Sunday, September 2nd

Cash a winning $10 PLACE Wager on ONE of the races below: 

  •  G3 Saranac Stakes (Saratoga - Race 9, 5:22pm ET/2:22pm PT)
  • G2 Del Mar Derby (Del Mar - Race 9, 9pm ET/6pm PT)

Monday, September 3rd

Cash a winning $10 WIN Wager on the race below: 

  • G2 Yellow Ribbon Handicap (Del Mar - Race 9, 9:04pm ET/6:04pm PT)


  • A contest wager is defined as the first $10 Show (Saturday, Sept. 1), $10 Place (Sunday, Sept. 2) or $10 Win (Monday, Sept. 3) wager placed on any of the races listed above. 
  • Players must place one $10 wager on each day on a single horse or entry on any one of the races listed above.
  • Players that successfully win their first contest Show Wager on Saturday, must then wager one $10 minimum winning contest Place wager on a single horse or entry on Sunday and then wager on $10 winning contest Win wager in the Yellow Ribbon Handicap on Monday. 
  • If you enter more than one contest wager on the same race, only the first contest wager placed will count in the contest.

Contest Rules:

  • One horse per contest wager: Official contest wager is $10 to Show on Saturday, $10 Place on Sunday and a $10 Win on Monday. 
  • One contest wager per race: For the purposes of contest play, only a Player's first $10 contest wager on a designated contest race will count in the contest.
  • No combo bets: Multi-horse or combination Win/Show, Win/Place/Show and Place/Show wagers are not eligible for contest play.
  • Contest races: All races listed above are eligible for contest play. If a Player places a losing contest wager on a day in which more than one contest race is offered, s/he may still qualify to win a prize by placing a winning wager on another contest race offered on the same day.  
  • Scratches: In the event a Player's contest wager is refunded due to a scratch, s/he may place another contest wager on the same race. There will be no automatic favorite replacements in the event of a scratch.
  • Prize(s): 1,000,000 TSC Elite points prize will be awarded to the Player, or divided equally among all Players, who place(s) a winning contest wager on the required contest races. In the event no Players place a winning contest wager on all three contest days, the Points Prize will be divided equally among all players who place a winning contest wager on at least two (2) days of the contest.