Showdown Players Alive to the Belmont Stakes

Showdown Finalists

Correction: Upon further review of the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby results, six Players who were previously identified as having won two shares, in fact, did not place a winning $20 Show bet on a single horse in the Kentucky Derby. The Official Finalists list has been updated to reflect the most current results.

The following Players have survived the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and only need to place a winning $20 Show bet on a single horse in the Belmont Stakes to claim their shares of the $10,000 Guaranteed Prize.

If all 14 Players place a winning $20 Show bet on the Belmont Stakes, there will be a grand total of 84 vested shares and each share will be worth a minimum $119.05

Player Last 4  of Acct. # Shares
DAVID H 9733 10
THOMAS P 0562 10
PETER B 0241 10
ALLAN S 7517 9
GEORGE R 1647 7
KATHY B 4893 5
RICHARD R 6900 2
JAMES O 7363 2
GILBERT G 4771 2
ROBERT N 5410 2
JOANNE H 0296 2
SHAWN O 1632 2