Special Hambletonian Players' Pool

The TwinSpires Players' Pool will be going after the guaranteed Pick 4 and Pick 5 pools and other spot plays on a special Hambletonian Day wagering menu at The Meadowlands Racetrack on Saturday, August 3.

Top harness handicapper and TwinSpires blog contributor Frank Cotolo will be putting his wagering strategies, live from The Meadowlands, to work for you by taking the lead in a $10,000 (maximum) Players' Pool. Frank will be throwing in $250 of his own cash to jump start the pool.

The Players' Pool is offered on a first come first served basis so don't get shut out and jump in early!

The Players' Pool is designated to be educational and fun and in no way guarantees a winning wager.

Hambletonian Players' Pool Wrap Up

The Players’ Pool wagered $10,090  into the Hambletonian Racecard on Saturday, August 3rd and the gross return was $17,647.  Contributors received $17.62 for each $10 wagered.  We thank everyone who contributed and profited from our efforts.  

It was a great Hambletonian day program at the Meadowlands, where horses raced in front of the doomed grandstand (next year the track literally turns around with a new grandstand and finish line on the opposite side).  We handicapped the same way we have done for years, which TwinSpires blog readers have been using as tools to wager for some time now.

Every Friday morning harness bettors can read our choices and suggested contenders at the TwinSpires blog.  And on Monday mornings readers can review how we have done and read insider news and information on industry items that affect harness bettors. We are dedicated, as we have been for years as harness players and industry insiders ourselves, to share our knowledge, experience and intuition with TwinSpires bettors.

Thanks again for playing on TwinSpires, and we look forward to doing more pools in the future!


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*****Picks within and starting in Race 12 (The Hambletonian) will not be made until all the heats have been finished and the entries have been determined.***** 


Are you new to harness racing and not sure how to play the sulkies? Then jump in and learn as the Players' Pool takes you through the Hambletonian program while Franks gives you the reasoning behind his wagers where he will be live from The Meadowlands Racetrack!

Special Hambletonian Day Players' Pool Guest Panelist

Frank Cotolo - TwinSpires' harness racing analyst, Frank Cotolo follows all of the big North American circuits throughout the year, providing the best value picks and latest news from the sulky. 

Frank has been writing about horseracing as an insider and as a player since the 1970s and is widely published in harness and thoroughbred magazines. In the standardbred industry he won the John Hervey Award for excellence in magazine journalism while editor of TIMES: in harness. His works have appeared over the years in Sulky, Hoofbeats, American Turf Monthly, TIMES: in harness, Canadian Sportsman, Hub Rail, Harness Horse, Gambling Times, Turf and Sport Digest, Meadows Racing Newsletter and he is the author of six books, including the cult classic "Pony Player" and "The Handicapper's Money Book" about betting in pari-mutuel racing. 

Connect to Twitter and follow Frank and Ray Cotolo for up-to-the-minute suggestions on wagers at many harness raceways. Then, wager from your TwinSpires accounts. 


Players' Pool History

The TwinSpires Players' Pool has been an ongoing, unique offering of TwinSpires.com since 2009, but it's rich history dates back as early as 2004 with AmericaTab.

The Pool has had several scores over the years including hitting the 2007 Kentucky Derby Pick 6 twice for over $460,000, taking down two New York carryovers in 2010 for over $400,000 each as well as capturing over $300,000 on the Thursday following the 2011 Kentucky Derby which featured a massive Pick 6 carryover.

The pool is an exciting, easy way to learn more about online wagering, betting exotic wagers and playing the horses.  The Players' Pool is designated to be educational and fun and in now way guarantees a winning wager.