Super Derby Showdown Satellite

Congratulations to the following Players who qualified for a spot in the 2010 Super Derby Handicapping Tournament and chance to win one of 5 NHC seats.

 Points Earned
 1 Robert S.Spring, TX  6
 2 Daniel T. El Paso, TX
 3 Mark R. Pembroke Pines, FL  5
 4 Bobby B.Little Rock, AR
 5 Frank M. Metairie, LA
 3 ($911.20)

The satellite was extremely close and the last spot came down a tie-break.

Each Player earned a trip to Louisiana Downs and a chance to compete for one of 5 NHC seats and cash in the Super Derby Showdown on Sept. 25!

Super Derby Showdown Prize Package includes:

  • FREE entry to the Super Derby Showdown - a $275 value
  • Premium seating & buffet lunch on Super Derby Day - Sept. 25
  • A 2-night hotel stay near Louisiana Downs - Sept. 24 & 25
  • A $250 credit toward travel to and from Louisiana Downs 

How to Play:

The object is to hit a Trifecta in as many races as you can at Louisiana Downs to score points. For scoring purposes, you are only awarded points for hitting one Trifecta per race, regardless of amount bet or amount of winning bets placed. A maximum of 3 points can be earned per race, depending on the amount of the $1 Trifecta payout. See scoring chart below for details.

 If your Trifecta pays...                            You earn...
 Less than $500.00 for a $1 wager
                                1 point
 $500.00 to $999.99 for a $1 wager
                                2 points
 $1,000 or more for a $1 wager
                                3 points

Contest Details & Rules:

Date: Sunday, August 29
Track: Louisiana Downs

  • Players are automatically entered into the contest whenever they place a Trifecta wager on any Louisiana Downs race on Sunday, August 29. Players may place as many Trifecta wagers as they like; all will be counted in the contest.
  • To score points, a player must cash one winning Trifecta wager in a given race at Louisiana Downs. All races are eligible for contest play. If a player cashes a winning Trifecta ticket, s/he is awarded points based on the total value of the $1 Trifecta payout, regardless of the base amount wagered by the player. If the $1 Trifecta payout is less than $500, 1 point is awarded. If the $1 Trifecta payout is between $500 and $999.90, 2 points are awarded. If the $1 Trifecta payout is $1,000 or more, 3 points are awarded.
  • A maximum of 3 points may be earned per race. Additional points are not awarded to players who cash more than one winning Trifecta ticket in the same race or who cash a winning ticket for a base value greater than $1.
  • This is a real money live wagering contest and all wagers must be made through a TwinSpires wagering account.
  • Only wagers made on races at Louisiana Downs will count toward the contest. 

Tiebreaker rules: In the event of a tie for 5th place and beyond, the following methods will be used to break the tie:

  • Total Money Won from all Trifecta wagers.

If the players remain tied...

  • Total Return On Investment (ROI) from all Trifecta wagers.

In the event any one of the Top 5 finishers declines to accept the Super Derby Prize Package, s/he will still receive the $250 credit with the remainder of the Prize Package ($275 Showdown entry fee, Super Derby accommodations and Hotel stay) being offered to the next highest finisher in the contest. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule this contest in the event racing is canceled at Louisiana Downs on Aug. 29.