Super High Roller NHC Qualifier - 5 Seats to the NHC

Calling all High Rollers!

Here's your chance to book your ticket to the 2014 National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas. Compete against an exclusive field of just 20 players in the TwinSpires Super High Roller NHC Qualifier on Saturday, November 23. Our High Roller Qualifier will award 5 seats to the NHC, $10,000 in prize money and 10 seats to the TwinSpires Online Handicapping Championship on November 30. All you have to do is finish in the top half of the field to win a prize and in the top 5 of 20 players to win a seat at the NHC.


Rank Winner's Name Prizes (Cash / Contest Entry)
1 Brian W. $5,000 / NHC / TSOHC
2 Basil D. $2,000 / NHC / TSOHC
3 Kevin C. $1,500 / TSOHC
4 Lee D. $1,000 / NHC / TSOHC
5 Gary W. $500 / NHC / TSOHC
6 George S. NHC / TSOHC
7 Jay J. TSOHC
8 Rob M. TSOHC
9 Ken K. TSOHC
10 Ron B. TSOHC

Be sure to log in to before going to the contest site.

Contest Type:         5-seat NHC Qualifier
Entry Fee:                $2,500
Max Entries:           1 per player
Total Entries:          Capped at 20
Format:                    Mythical $2 Win/Place bets, payouts capped at $42.00 for Win and $22.00 for Place.  
Winners:                  Determined by highest accumulated bankroll from all contest wagers.
Prizes:                     5 NHC Seats, $10,000 and 10 TSOHC Seats
Races:                     15
Cancellations:        Cancelled races will NOT be replaced; contest is cancelled if fewer than 8 races are official.

1. Aqueduct 6—STK, 7F, Dirt—2:45
2. Churchill Downs 6—ALW, 1 1/8M, Turf—3:06
3. Aqueduct 7—ALW, 6F, Dirt—3:14
4. Churchill Downs 7—CLM, 7F, Dirt—3:36
5. Aqueduct 8—STK, 7F, Dirt—3:43
6. Churchill Downs 8—MSW, 6F, Dirt—4:06
7. Delta Downs 5—STK, 1M, Dirt—4:13
8. Churchill Downs 9—G3, 1 1/8M, Turf—4:37
9. Delta Downs 6—G3, 1M, Dirt—4:43
10. Fair Grounds 7—ALW, 7 1/2F, Turf--4:55
11. Delta Downs 7—G3, 1 1/16M, Dirt—5:15
12. Fair Grounds 8—ALW, 6F, Dirt—5:25
13. Fair Grounds 9—CLM, 1M, Turf—5:55
14. Fair Grounds 10—AOC, 6F, Dirt—6:25
15. Fair Grounds 11—MCL, 6F, Dirt—6:55


  • 1st: Entry to NHC, TSOHC and $5,000
  • 2nd: Entry to NHC, TSOHC and $2,000
  • 3rd: Entry to NHC, TSOHC and $1,500
  • 4th: Entry to NHC, TSOHC and $1,000
  • 5th: Entry to NHC, TSOHC and $500
  • 6th - 10th: Entry to TSOHC

The TwinSpires Super High Roller NHC Qualifier will be held on the same TwinSpires Contest website that is currently hosting The $10K Guarantee contest series. The TwinSpires Championship qualifier contest that is currently scheduled for Nov. 23 will be replaced by the Super High Roller NHC Qualifier, effective Tuesday, November 6.

Any questions concerning the Super High Roller NHC Qualifier may be directed to