Super Saturday Showdown - Official Winners

Seven players cashed a winning contest wager in all 10 Grade I Stakes races on Super Saturday and will split 700,000 points.

30 players cashed a winning contest wager in 9 of the 10 Grade I Stakes races and will share the 300,000 points consolation prize. Thanks to everyone for playing Super Saturday Showdown with TwinSpires.

PlayerLast 3 of Acct. #Winning BetsPoints Won
DAVIS H2131077,778
DICK D9641077,778
FAITH D5441077,778
JAMES B3051077,778
JOSEPH C5801077,778
LARRY W0801077,778
RUBEN V1061077,778
STEPHEN L8361077,778
WAYNE M8261077,778
BRUCE L251910,000
CHARLES C664910,000
CLIFF F766910,000
DAVID D726910,000
DON P481910,000
DONALD M192910,000
EDMUNDO T280910,000
GARY W152910,000
GEORGE H045910,000
GREGORY F812910,000
HENRY R683910,000
JEFFREY F674910,000
JOHN P785910,000
JOHN P613910,000
JOSEPH B024910,000
JOSEPH O135910,000
KEVIN S720910,000
KURT M523910,000
LAWRENCE S560910,000
MARC M662910,000
MICHAEL K524910,000
MICHAEL W924910,000
RAMON P108910,000
ROGER B453910,000
SCOTT S472910,000
THOMAS C910910,000
VERNON W756910,000
WESLEY V200910,000
WILLIAM J517910,000