Track Stats & Sire Stats Now Available For 2014

All 11 Track Stats circuit books are now available for download, and new tracks for this year include Charles Town (West Virginia), Hastings (Canada), Indiana Downs (Illinois-Indiana), Presque Isle (Pennsylvania), and many more.

Track Stats includes detailed trainer/jockey stats, bias information, speed rating and pace figure pars for different classes, shipper information, and much more in each book.

The 11 available circuits are Arkansas/Florida, California, Canada, Illinois/Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland/Virginia, New Jersey/Delaware, NYRA, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Circuit books are $30 each or $25 each if you buy four or more, and as an added bonus, you get a 2014 Sire Stats book FREE with any purchase of four or more books. Sire Stats is available separately for $40.

Get Track Stats (