TwinSpires Online Handicapping Championship Online Handicapping Championship

Saturday, November 24th

Official List of Qualified Players as of September 2, 2012

Date Won Qualifying ContestWinnerEntry # 
4/7$50 Saturday TournamentROBERT ST.1
4/7Arlington On-Track QualifierSTANLEY K.1
4/8Championship SatelliteTIM G.1
4/8Championship SatelliteJAMES H.1
4/14$50 Saturday TournamentTIM M.1
4/14Arlington On-Track QualifierTOM Z.1
4/15Championship SatelliteROBERT SC.1
4/15Championship SatelliteBILL W.1
4/21$50 Saturday TournamentVIRGINIA L.1
4/22Championship SatelliteGEORGE B.1
4/22Championship SatelliteEDWIN S.1
4/28April Monthly FinalERIC M.1
4/28April Monthly FinalSTEVE I.1
4/28April Monthly FinalJON C.1
4/28April Monthly FinalDAVID W.1
4/28April Monthly FinalJOSEPH M. 1
4/28April Monthly FinalSTEPHEN W.1
4/28April Monthly FinalJEFF K.1
4/28April Monthly FinalROBERT F.1
4/28April Monthly FinalRONALD W.1
4/28April Monthly FinalNELSON K.1
4/28April Monthly FinalDAVID CU.1
4/28April Monthly FinalEDDY V.1
4/28April Monthly FinalSAMUEL D.1
4/28April Monthly Final DON C.1
4/28April Monthly Final KEVIN J.1
4/28April Monthly Final LARRY F.
4/28April Monthly FinalBRYAN W.
4/28April Monthly FinalCARL R.
4/28April Monthly FinalDANIEL F.
4/28April Monthly FinalMYLES R.
4/28Arlington On-Track QualifierGERALD G.1
4/29Championship SatelliteDOROTHY B.1
4/29Championship SatelliteWILL L.1
5/12$50 Saturday TournamentMICHAEL R.1
5/13Championship SatellitePAUL H. 
5/13Championship SatelliteJEFF B. 1
5/19$50 Saturday TournamentJAMES H.2
5/20Championship SatelliteTHOMAS K.1
5/20Championship SatelliteJOHN M.1
5/26May Monthly FinalFRED C.1
5/26May Monthly FinalBILL W.2
5/26May Monthly FinalRALPH M.1
5/26May Monthly FinalLOUIS C.1
5/26May Monthly FinalWILLIAM S. 1
5/26 May Monthly FinalJAMES M.1
5/26 May Monthly FinalLESLIE H.1
5/26 May Monthly FinalSTEVEN W.1
5/26May Monthly FinalSADIE T. 1
5/26 May Monthly FinalDAVID G.1
5/26 May Monthly FinalJEFFREY L.1
5/26 May Monthly FinalMATTHEW B. 1
5/26 May Monthly FinalWILLIAM H.  1
5/26May Monthly FinalROBERT W. 1
5/26May Monthly FinalANDREIA A.1
5/26May Monthly FinalPAUL Y.1
5/26May Monthly FinalDAVID CU.2
5/26May Monthly FinalTHOMAS D.1
5/26May Monthly FinalSHAD W.1
5/26May Monthly FinalPIERRE P. 1
5/26Arlington On-Track QualifierHILTON G.1
5/27Championship SatelliteMARK ST.1
5/27Championship SatelliteEDWIN S.2
6/2$50 Saturday TournamentDAVID M.1
6/2Arlington On-Track QualfierPAUL H. 
6/3Championship SatelliteMARK ST.2
6/3Championship SatelliteMARTA N.1
6/9$50 Saturday TournamentGERARD L.1
6/10Championship SatelliteCHRISTOPHER L.1
6/10Championship SatelliteJOHN O.1
6/16$50 Saturday TournamentMARTIN D.1
6/17Championship SatelliteCHRISTOPHER L.2
6/17Championship SatelliteDON A.1
6/23$50 Saturday TournamentTRAVIS C.1
6/23 Arlington On-Track QualifierDAVE S.1
6/24Championship SatelliteFRANCIS C.1
6/30June Monthly FinalNATHANIEL G.1
6/30June Monthly FinalCHRIS B.
6/30June Monthly FinalJASON P.1
6/30June Monthly FinalJOHN M.2
6/30June Monthly FinalJOE K.1
6/30June Monthly FinalJUDY W.1
6/30June Monthly FinalJOHN O.2
6/30June Monthly FinalCARL R.2
6/30June Monthly FinalJEFF K.2
6/30June Monthly FinalCHERYL K.1
6/30June Monthly FinalMARK M.1
6/30June Monthly FinalBO K.1
6/30June Monthly FinalJON C.1
6/30June Monthly FinalRICHARD M.1
6/30June Monthly FinalTHOMAS N.1
6/30June Monthly FinalALEX F.1
6/30June Monthly FinalRICHARD Z.1
6/30June Monthly FinalKEVIN C.1
6/30June Monthly FinalPHILIP C. 1
7/1Championship SatelliteALAN H.1
7/1Championship SatelliteJOE K.2
7/7$50 Saturday TournamentAARON M.1
7/7Arlington On-Track QualifierPETER P.1
7/8Championship SatelliteRICHARD G. 1
7/8Championship SatelliteDAVID N.1
7/14$50 Saturday TournamentMARTIN D.2
7/15Championship SatelliteEDWARD R.1
7/15Championship SatelliteFRANCINE D.1
7/21$50 Saturday TournamentALLEN K. 1
7/22Championship SatelliteCHARLES S.1
7/28July Monthly FinalALVIN D.1
7/28July Monthly FinalNANCY R. 1
7/28July Monthly FinalMATTHEW M.1
7/28July Monthly FinalDAVID N.2
7/28July Monthly FinalBERT L.1
7/28July Monthly FinalPAUL R.1
7/28July Monthly FinalCHARLES H.1
7/28July Monthly FinalNICHOLAS A.
7/28July Monthly FinalMARK C.1
7/28July Monthly FinalSTEVE H.1
7/28July Monthly FinalTIM M.2
7/28July Monthly FinalGREG K.1
7/28July Monthly FinalRANDY B.1
7/28July Monthly FinalDAN H. 1
7/28July Monthly FinalMARC W.1
7/28July Monthly FinalSCOTT H.1
7/28July Monthly FinalMARTA N.2
7/28July Monthly FinalRICHARD G.2
7/28July Monthly FinalBETTY C.1
7/28July Monthly FinalJOHN C.1
7/28Arlington On-Track QualifierJIM R.1
7/29Championship SatelliteGORDON M.1
8/4$50 Saturday TournamentROBERT H. 1
8/4Arlington On-Track QualifierMARK F.1
8/5Championship SatelliteSAM D.1
8/11$50 Saturday TournamentSTANLEY K.2
8/18$50 Saturday TournamentDAVE F.1
8/25 $50 Saturday TournamentBRETT W.1
8/25Arlington On-Track QualifierSTEPHEN B.1
8/26Championship SatelliteSTEWART B. 1
9/1August Monthly FinalSTEPHEN L1
9/1August Monthly FinalBRETT W2
9/1August Monthly FinalDEVIN S1
9/1August Monthly FinalMARVIN S1
9/1August Monthly FinalMARVIN S2
9/1August Monthly FinalMYLES R2
9/1August Monthly FinalED F1
9/1August Monthly FinalMICHAEL S1
9/1August Monthly FinalANER C1
9/1August Monthly FinalDARRELL A1
9/1August Monthly FinalERIC M2
9/1August Monthly FinalDAVID S1
9/1August Monthly FinalDARRELL A2
9/1August Monthly FinalLEE G1
9/1August Monthly FinalSTEVE H1
9/1August Monthly FinalEDWARD K1
9/1August Monthly FinalSTEVEN L1
9/1August Monthly FinalROBERT H2
9/1August Monthly FinalMICHAEL V1
9/1August Monthly FinalMARK R1
9/2Championship SatelliteSTEWART B. 2
9/2Championship SatelliteJOSEPH K.1