V86 FAQs



Q: What is the V86? A: V86 is an exotic wager on Swedish trotting races where bettors try to pick the winning horses in multiple races. In V86, bettors win by selecting the winning horse in 8 races. Bettors win consolation prizes for selecting 7 or 6 winning horses.   Q: Why are the average pool sizes so large? A: V86 is an extremely popular bet in Europe and so the average weekly pool sizes are very large. The average pool size for V86 is $2.5 million (USD).   Q: What happens if no one selects 8 winners? A: If there are no tickets with 8 winners, the 8 for 8 pool (40% of all wagering into the V86 after takeout) carries over to next week's 8 for 8 pool to form a "V86 Jackpot."   A carryover can also occur when the dividends on consolation prizes in V86 (7 of 8 or 6 of 8) are low. Consolation prizes in V86 are paid out for $2.00 or more. If the consolation is not paid out, the corresponding pool is carried over to next week's 8 for 8 pool to form a "V86 Jackpot."   Q: On V86 Jackpot days, is the 8 for 8 pool paid out only to a single winning ticket, like most "jackpot" bets in the U.S. A: No. The term "Jackpot" is used in Sweden to describe what we call a "carryover" in the U.S. and the jackpot pool is paid out to all tickets with 8 winners on such days.   Q: What are the pool totals like on "V86 Jackpot" or carryover days? A: On days when there is a V86 Jackpot, the pool can approach $4 million (USD).   Q: What is the minimum wager amount? A: The minimum wager is 5 cents.   Q: When does wagering open? A: On TwinSpires.com, advance wagering on the V86 will open every Monday.   Q: When does track wagering close? A: V86: Wednesday Post Time (see below)   Q: When is Post Time? A: For V86: Wed 1:30 p.m. (EST) / 12:30 p.m. (CST) / 11:30 a.m. (MST) / 10:30 a.m. (PST)   Q: What happens if there is a late scratch? A: For V86: The bettor will automatically receive a replacement runner from the substitution list. The replacement may not be the starting favorite, and will be based on the order of the substitution list. The substitution list for each race can be found just below the past performances for the last horse in each V86 race on the official track program.   Q: Where can I find results for the V86? A: After the V86 races have finished each Wednesday, you may find results for the V86 by logging in to TwinSpires.com, selecting the track marked V86 and pulling up the results for Race 11. After the day of racing has passed, you may find results for the previous week’s V86 on the V86 Schedule and Results page.