VIP Derby Ticket Access-Congratulations


Q: What do I need to do to purchase to tickets?

  1. Earn TSC Elite VIP Status by October 1, 2014
  2. As a TSC Elite VIP, you will receive an email at the email address associated with your account containing a special URL (web address) that will allow you to purchase tickets online after the sale goes live. IMPORTANT – make sure your email address on file with is correct.
  3. IMPORTANT – In order for your ticket purchase to be valid and approved – the name and shipping address on your ticket purchase must match 100% to the name and address you have on file with your account. Please verify the address on file with and use that address when purchasing your tickets online.

Q: Am I eligible if I am currently a TSC Elite VIP?
A: Yes, all TSC Elite VIPs on October 1, 2014 are eligible.

Q: Can I earn TSC Elite VIP status by wagering on-track and on-line?
A: Yes, when evaluating TSC Elite status all wagers made with are combined with any wagers made on-track using a TSC Elite card at a Churchill Downs Incorporated property.

Q: Where can I learn more about the TSC Elite VIP program?
A: You may learn more about the TSC Elite program at

Q: What is the Online Premium Presale?
A: The Online Premium Presale allows TSC Elite VIPs to purchase Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks tickets prior to tickets going on sale to the general public.

Q: Why are the tickets offered at a Premium price?
A: The tickets are the same price as they will be in the general Online Premium Sale in November. As a TSC Elite VIP, the primary benefit is advance access and the ability to choose your desired ticket location before the general public.

Q: How many tickets can I purchase?
A: There is a limit of six seats per household. Violation of the ticket policy will result in the cancellation of your order and a refund to your credit card.

Q: How can I find out what my VIP status is, or how much I need to wager to qualify?
A: You can track your activity needed to earn VIP status by logging on to TSC Elite and selecting “My Account.” You will need your P.I.N. If you have forgotten it, please use the P.I.N. recovery form. You can view your current TSC Elite VIP status as well as the amount needed to achieve the next VIP level.

Q: What if I have a new address that has not been updated?
A: The name, address and email that you provide at checkout must match the personal information on file with your account. If the information does not match, the purchase will be voided and a refund issued to your credit card. You must update your address prior to the online sale.

Q: I have a different billing and shipping address, will I be able to purchase tickets?
A: As long as the shipping address you provide matches the information that we have on file, and the credit card used for purchase is in the name of the VIP account holder, it is acceptable to have a different billing address.

Q: Are the tickets refundable?
A: No, refunds are not offered for this premium sale.