Weekly Cash Tournaments -- Official Rules



The goal of each contest in the Series is to earn the largest bankroll (ROI) in the designated contest races for each tournament. In this contest, players purchase an entry ticket(s) and select one primary horse to place a mythical $2 Win/Place bet for each designated contest race. Each entry begins with a mythical starting bankroll. For each correct selection a player will earn the $2 Win and/or Place mutual payoff. The maximum return on any single race is $42 for Win and $22 for Place. The player with the highest accumulated bankroll (ROI) will be the Winner. The bankroll is based on mythical $2 Win and Place wagers on mandatory races.


Deadline to Purchase Entry Tickets on Day of each Contest

Approx. 10 minutes before the scheduled post time of the first race. Mandatory races will be posted, including race numbers, post times, and time zones by 6 p.m. ET the day prior to the event.

Deadline to Submit Designated Contest Race Selections

Official post time of each race


The selection format of the contest is real time to allow players to modify/change their selections up until post time. Players will have until the official post time of each race to make selections. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that players submit all their selections prior to the first race and no changes may be made after each race's post time. TwinSpires will not be responsible for any player's inability to submit selections due to Internet outages, technical difficulties, etc.

Players will select horses by name and official program number. As with real wagering, coupled entries serve as one betting interest for the purpose of this contest. Selections can be made as early as the day prior to the contest, as soon as the contest selection process is opened which is anticipated to be early afternoon the day prior to the contest.


If a horse is scratched prior to the start of the race, that horse will be removed from the list of horses available to be selected, but will not be removed from already-submitted contest entry tickets. If a horse selected is scratched and a participant is unable to change/modify their selection before post time, the participant will be given the post time favorite as a substitute selection.

Players must be 21 years of ageor older in order to play. The TwinSpires.com Online Handicapping Series is open to active account holders of TwinSpires. Entry Fees will be deducted from your TwinSpires wagering account. Be sure to fund your account early in order to participate in the contest. Each TwinSpires account holder can purchase a maximum of 3 tickets per contest, unless otherwise designated on the Contest Rules and Updates page. All contest entries must be made through one wagering account. Circumventing the maximum entries per individual rule is cause for disqualification. All entry fees are nonrefundable regardless of whether contestants submit their selections. Customized Contest Past Performances and other handicapping aids will be available at regular rates (see handicapping product price list) from Brisnet.com.

Patrons residing in jurisdictions where applicable law prohibits account wagering are not eligible to enter this contest. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Employees of Churchill Downs Incorporated, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, employees, advertising agencies, and their respective immediate family members are not eligible.

This is an Internet-based game, entries will only be accepted through TwinSpires.com.Three entries per person are allowed for any contest. A player may not submit more entries than permitted by the contest rules with different names, addresses, wagering accounts, etc. TwinSpires reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any player which TwinSpires believes has submitted more entries in the contest than permitted by the contest rules.

This is an Internet-based contest, entries will only be accepted through the online entry and selection form. No faxed, mailed, electronically mailed or telephone entries are allowed.


  1. Each player will enter the contest and log on using their existing TwinSpires username and password.
  2. Players will select one betting interest from each of the designated contest races by selecting a bullet next to the entry/runner's name. Selections must be made prior to the contest deadlines as outlined above.
  3. All entry fees are nonrefundable regardless of whether contestants submit their selections.
  4. Bankrolls will be determined by $2 win and $2 place mutual payoffs with caps of 20-1 for win ($42.00) and 10-1 for place ($22.00).
  5. The official final order of finish according to the host racetrack will determine the payoffs.
  6. Only the designated contest races count toward a player's R.O.I., occurring after sign-up.
  7. In the event that a contest race is cancelled and not run on the scheduled date, regardless of reason, that race will be withdrawn from the contest, even if it is made up at a later date. TwinSpires and/or its affiliates reserve the right to change the contest schedule and rules without notice, or cancel the contest due to unforeseen events.
  8. Each player may earn or purchase a maximum amount of three entries per tournament, unless otherwise designated on the Contest Rules and Updates page.
  9. Each contest is limited to a fixed amount of entries, see tournament site for details.
  10. All prizes listed per contest will be awarded regardless of the total number of entries per contest.
  11. The Leaderboard will be updated on the contest website as soon as possible at the end of each designated contest race. It is the responsibility of the player to bring any alleged error, issue, or complaint to the attention of TwinSpires within 48 hours of the end of the contest by sending an email to contests@twinspires.com and describing the alleged error, issue or complaint in detail. If TwinSpires is not contacted within 48 hours of the end of the contest, TwinSpires is not responsible for making adjustments to the official order of finish or granting entry fee credit.
  12. The winner of the online contest will be the contestant with the highest accumulated bankroll over the course of all contest races.
  13. Tiebreaker rules for weekday Satellite contests: In the event there is a tie between two or more players in any weekday Satellite contest for the final placing that awards an entry to a Saturday $10K Guarantee Tournament Final, all tied players will be awarded the contest entry prize.
  14. Tiebreaker rules for Sunday/Monday UHC Qualifiers: In the event there is a tie between two or more players for the final placing for an entry to the Nov. 25 Championship, the cash value of the Championship entry ($750) will be divided equally between the tied players.
  15. Tiebreaker rules for KDBC, BCBC, NHC or HPWS entry prizes: In the event there is a tie between two or more players in any contest for a prize that awards an entry to the Kentucky Derby Betting Championship, Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge, National Handicapping Championship or the Horse Player World Series, the following tie breakers will be used (in order) to determine the winner of the prize: most winners, most top 2 finishers, highest win payoff, 2nd-highest win payoff, 3rd-highest win payoff, most top 3 finishers. If a tie still exists after using the finish positions of all selections, the highest total odds of all selections (among those still tied) will be used to break the tie. In the event a tie is still not broken, the remaining players still tied may be asked to participate in a "playoff". TwinSpires will make the final decision on any disputes or unforeseen circumstances involving ties.
  16. Max out rules for Championship Satellites: Players can earn a maximum of two (2) entries to the TwinSpires Ultimate Handicapping Championship (UHC) on Nov. 25, 2017. If a player who has already won the maximum of two entries to the the Championship finishes high enough in a qualifying contest to win another entry, s/he will receive the cash value of the Championship entry fee ($750) as a prize. No further entries to the Championship will be awarded in the event any participant in a Qualifier wins the cash equivalent of the Championship entry fee as a prize.
  17. UHC max out rules for Weekly Cash Tournament Final: In the event an entry to Nov. 25 UHC is offered as a prize in any Weekly Cash Tournament Final, a player who has already won two entries to the Nov. 25 UHC places high enough to earn another Championship entry in any Weekly Cash Tournament, the UHC entry will be forfeited and awarded to the next eligible player in line.
  18. The system logs the time and date each player enters his or her selections.
  19. Each player agrees that TwinSpires and/or its affiliates may use his or her name and picture for publicity if they are a prize winner without further compensation.
  21. TwinSpires and its affiliates are not responsible for reminding players about meeting the contest deadline. It is solely the player's responsibility to meet contest deadlines for entry.
  22. TwinSpires and/or its affiliates may post past performance information, commentary and charts of contest races when appropriate. TwinSpires and/or its affiliates shall not be liable for any inaccurate, incomplete, or missing information that is posted. Such information is posted only to help players make their selections and any opinions or analysis posted by TwinSpires and/or its affiliates regarding the outcome of the races should not be taken as a recommendation of which horses to select.
  23. All copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights associated with the contest, become property of Churchill Downs Incorporated.
  24. TwinSpires will make the final decision on the selection of races used in the contest.
  25. All rules are subject to change without notice.