What Is a Streak


The contest is made up of 18 consecutive Kentucky Derby prep races beginning, Feb 20th, 2010 and concludes with the Kentucky Derby Saturday, May 1st. Players earn one share in the $25,000 prize pool every time they complete a "Streak". To earn a "Streak" players are required to place four consecutive winning $10 (at least) wagers on the races in our "Streak Schedule" using their TwinSpires wagering account. Players may begin a new "Streak" at any time. The most "Streaks" one player can earn throughout the course of the contest is 16. Players will earn a bonus share for completing the "Streak" that ends in the Kentucky Derby a total of two for that "Streak". The most shares that one player can earn is 17.

Each time a player hits a three races in a row on the way to their "Streak" they will be entered to win two tickets to next year's Kentucky Derby.

TwinSpires will list the number of shares earned and current share value after each prep weekend.

Visit the $25,000 Streak to the Derby homepage, right here