WinTicket FAQ

Q: Why do I have to sign up for a Brisnet account? I used to be able to get PP's by having money deducted from my online wagering account?
A: We received negative feedback from existing WinTicket customers regarding wagering funds being used to purchase past performances. A majority of our customers prefer being able to keep all of their funds available for wagering. For those customers that already have a Brisnet account, you will be able to use your existing account to purchase handicapping products on  You will now be able receive FREE Brisnet PP's on! In order to access online handicapping information including FREE PP's, you will be asked to set up a Brisnet account. The simple process will just take a minute as you log in to

Q: Why are there now credit card deposit limits?
A: Credit card deposit limits are being implemented as one of's programs to ensure everyone plays within their means and enjoys wagering online responsibly. Additionally, deposit limits also help protect our players by protecting against fraudulent activity

Q: I already have a BrisBET, TsnBET, and/or a TwinSpires account, how do I combine them into one account?
A: Please contact Player Services 877-SPIRES-1 (774-7371) and speak to a player services representative for assistance.

Q: I have already signed up for EZmoney on my WinTicket account. Do I have to send in new documents?
A: If you have already returned an EZmoney Draft Authorization Form in conjunction with your account, you will not need to submit a new form unless you are changing your banking information.

Q: What happened to the Australian Racing information page?
A: The Past Performances that were the largest part of the Australian Racing Information page are still available for download. Look for Australian Racing under the International Racing/PP's section of the Handicapping store.

Q: Do all my Refer a Friend/New Customer Registration Bonus promotions carry over?
A: Yes, all of the Bonus Promotion information has been transferred over to your new TwinSpires account.

Q: Is the AmericaTab Handicapping Open coming back?
A: Yes! It will now be known as the Handicapping Open. We will announce the date it will begin soon.

Q: I requested a check from my WinTicket account. Will it still be sent?
A: Yes. All deposit requests will be processed.