Beat the Caveman | Winners


Caveman’s Results, Carryovers, Contest Winners will be updated on a next-day basis.

Day/DateTrackCaveman’s Results WinnersPrize Money
Thursday, July 17Del MarLosing Ticket $333.34 each
Friday, July 18Del Mar1-1-6-3 paid $542.00No PayoutCARRYOVER!
Saturday, July 18SaratogaLosing Ticket65$30.77 each
Sunday, July 20Del MarLosing Ticket64$15.63 each
Monday, July 21SaratogaLosing Ticket 9$111.12 each
Wednesday, July 23Saratoga1-5-2-8 paid $1,258.50No PayoutCARRYOVER!
Thursday, July 24Del MarLosing Ticket16$125.00 each
Friday, July 25Del MarLosing Ticket21$47.62 each
Saturday, July 26Saratoga4-2-7-6 paid $180.00No payoutCARRYOVER!
Sunday, July 27Del MarLosing Ticket80$25.00 each
Monday, July 28SaratogaLosing Ticket11$90.91 each
Wednesday, July 30Saratoga4-6-7-11 paid $106.12No payoutCARRYOVER!
Thursday, July 31Del MarLosing Ticket 12$166.67 each
Friday, August 1Del MarLosing Ticket269$3.72 each
Saturday, August 2Saratoga1-7-3-4 paid $221.00No payoutCARRYOVER!
Sunday, August 3Del MarLosing Ticket110$18.19 each
Monday, August 4SaratogaLosing Ticket4$250.00 each
Wednesday, August 6Saratoga11-2-1-3 paid $194.00No payoutCARRYOVER!
Thursday, August 7Del MarLosing Ticket38$52.63
Friday, August 8Del MarLosing Ticket183$5.47
Saturday, August 9Saratoga2-1-2-8 paid $245.00No PayoutCARRYOVER!
Sunday, August 10Del MarLosing Ticket46$43.48 each
Monday, August 11SaratogaLosing Ticket3$333.34 each
Wednesday, August 13SaratogaLosing Ticket101$9.91 each
Thursday, August 14Del MarLosing Ticket56$17.85 each
Friday, August 15Del MarLosing TicketCorrection: 45$22.23 each
Saturday, August 16Saratoga6-2-8-7 paid $941.25No payoutCARRYOVER!
Sunday, August 17Del MarLosing Ticket52$38.47 each
Monday, August 18SaratogaLosing Ticket31$32.26 each
Wednesday, August 20Saratoga8-10-2-6 paid $249.75No payoutCARRYOVER!
Thursday, August 21Del MarLosing Ticket54$37.20 each
Friday, August 22Del MarLosing Ticket0CARRYOVER!
Saturday, August 23Saratoga Early Pick 4Losing Ticket70$14.29 each
Saturday, August 23Saratoga Mid Pick 4Losing Ticket79$25.32 each
Saturday, August 23Saratoga Late Pick 4Losing Ticket23$43.48 each
Sunday, August 24Del Mar4-5-11-12 paid $168.45No payoutCARRYOVER!
Monday, August 25Saratoga4-8-8-5 paid $321.25No payoutCARRYOVER!
Wednesday, August 27Saratoga2-7-10-5 paid $312.00No payoutCARRYOVER!
Thursday, August 28Del MarLosing Ticket52$96.15 each
Friday, August 29Del MarLosing Ticket166$6.03 each
Saturday, August 30SaratogaLosing Ticket16$62.50 each
Sunday, August 31Del MarLosing Ticket41$24.40 each
Monday, September 1SaratogaLosing Ticket109$9.18 each
Wednesday, September 3Del MarLosing Ticket176$5.69 each