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Kentucky Oaks Betting

Information for Kentucky Oaks Betting

There are several opportunities and ways for fans to support their favorite horse(s) in the Kentucky Oaks, one of the most lucrative and prestigious of all stakes in the United States restricted to three-year-old fillies.

For more than a decade, Churchill Downs has offered a Kentucky Oaks Future Wager (KOFW), which in recent years has been held in March concurrent with an installment of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager. The Kentucky Oaks Future Wager allows fans to get odds on their selection(s) that are generally much higher than what would be available on race day.

The Kentucky Oaks Future Wager itself is pari-mutuel, with Win and Exacta options offered. Fields for each installment of the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager are selected by a panel of racing experts and handicappers.

After the Kentucky Oaks field is drawn on the Tuesday before the race, fans will have plenty of time to handicap the big race before wagering opens on Friday, the day of the race.  Wagering is available at racetracks, simulcast centers, and on Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) platforms, including, the official wagering site of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks.

In addition to the traditional “straight” wagers (Win, Place, Show), fans can also attempt to cash big on the Kentucky Oaks in the various “exotic” pools.  Exacta (first two), Trifecta (first three), Superfecta (first four), and Super High Five (first five) wagering are all offered. With a field that can reach a maximum of 14 runners, large payoffs are not uncommon.

How to Bet on the Kentucky Oaks

The Kentucky Oaks (G1) is the female equivalent of the Kentucky Derby (G1). The race has a slightly smaller distance at 1 1/8-miles and is traditionally held the first weekend of May, a day before the Kentucky Derby. It is known as the Run for the Lilies. Just like its male counterpart, there is a heavy amount of betting placed on the Kentucky Oaks. With Churchill Downs placing an emphasis on promoting the Oaks, as much as the Derby, we wanted to provide you with information on how to bet on the Kentucky Oaks.

Where to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

Bet the Oaks On Track

You can bet the Kentucky Oaks on track at Churchill Downs via betting kiosks known as SAM (self-automated teller machines) machines and at live mutual stations. You can only bet with cash or vouchers at these machines and stations.

Bet the Oaks with Desktop Website or Smart Phone

For a simple online betting experience from the comfort of your own home visit, the Kentucky Oaks’ official wagering site. In addition to placing wagers at TwinSpires, you can also read up on the latest Kentucky Oaks news. If you are on the go or at a Kentucky Oaks party, then our easy and free to use mobile apps are a great option.

Types of Kentucky Oaks Bets

Straight Bets

A straight bet is where you wager on one horse to achieve a certain outcome: first, second, or third.

There are three types of straight bets: win, place, show.

Win – pick the horse who will finish in first.
Place – pick the horse who will finish in first or second.
Show – pick the horse who will finish in first, second or third.


A parlay is a form of betting where you bet on multiple horses to achieve specific outcomes. There are four types of parlays: exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and super high five.

Exacta: your horses must finish in first and second.
Trifecta: your horses must finish in first, second, and third (in the exact order).
Superfecta: your horses must finish in first, second, third, and fourth (in the exact order).
Super High Five: your horses must finish in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth (in the exact order).

Oaks/Derby Double

A unique way to tie in your Kentucky Oaks betting experience to the Kentucky Derby is by predicting an Oaks/Derby double winner. This is a simple form of betting where you pick who will win the Oaks and the Derby.

2018 Kentucky Oaks Future Wager

A relatively new comer to the Kentucky Derby Future Wager scene is the Kentucky Oaks & Kentucky Derby double future wager. Learn more information on the Double wager pool here.

    Oaks Future Will Pays  
Program Horse Name ODDS
1 Amy's Challenge 20
2 Best Performance 41
3 C. S. Incharge 41
4 Caledonia Road 12
5 Classy Act 51
6 Coach Rocks 60
7 Cosmic Burst 21
8 Dream Tree 7
9 Eskimo Kisses 31
10 Gas Station Sushi 67
11 Heavenhasmynikki 54
12 Midnight Bisou 6
13 Midnight Disguise 13
14 Monomoy Girl 6
15 Patrona Margarita 68
16 Paved 13
17 Rayya 60
18 Red Ruby 23
19 Sassy Sienna 57
20 Spring Lily 51
21 Take Charge Paula 18
22 Thirteen Squared 40
23 Wonder Gadot 21
24 Mutuel Field (All Others) 5

With the Kentucky Derby serving as the main course the next day, the Kentucky Oaks is a palate cleanser to satisfy your betting hunger.