Bluffs Run $60,000 Juvenile Stakes - Quarter Final - Wednesday June 12th

June 12th, 2013

The field will be trimmed to 24 greyhounds after tonight's quarter-final round of the Juvenile Stakes at the Iowa oval. Here are the top points earners from the second round:

Boc's John Luke (Boeckenstedt) 30 Boc's Phantom (Boeckenstedt) 30

DK's Flow Meter (Hardison) 25 L Tootie (Harland Brothers) 25 Hilco Single (Bean & Stout) 25 Boc's Sluicy (Boeckenstedt) 25

KL's Bubba (Legg) 23 Carver Moon (Plum Creek) 23 Berry Larkin (River Bluffs) 23 Boc's Schnabel (Boeckenstedt) 23 Boc's Delko (Boeckenstedt) 23

Topline Drive (Keeper/Redrock) 17

Duron Hermes (River Bluffs) 10

There were some outstanding performances in the second round, including Topline Drive's 7 and a half length win in the first race. It was a big recovery for the greyhound who had only come in 7th in his first race in the series. He won in a blistering 29.85.

My picks for last Saturday's stakes, DK's Flow Meter, who was blocked and L Tootie, who lost a hard-fought speed duel right before the wire, each finished second and both have 25 points heading into this round. They're tied with Hilco Single and Boc's Sluicy.

Race Highlights

Boc's Phantom is in the 5 box in the first race. He won last time out from the 5 with no trouble at all. However, he'll be challenged by DK's All In who is in the 7 box, which he likes just fine.

L Tootie is in the 2nd race in the 6 box - not the best position - with Boc's Sluicy in the 7 box right beside her. Which one will get the jump on the other? It could decide the race.

All-star lineup in the 3rd. Hilco Single, Berry Larkin, Gable Zeus and Boc's John Luke. Watch the sparks fly in this one!

L Tootie's litter mate, L Peanut, in the 6 box in the 4th seems to be getting the hang of this race winning thing but the box is a tough one. Can she beat it?

DK's Flow Meter finally gets an inside box in the 5th. If he runs back to form, he'll take advantage of it to ace this race.

Topline Drive in the 6 box in the 6th, seems to be able to win from any position. Meanwhile, Boc's Lucky Break will be trying to make the most of the 1 box and vying for the lead and the win.

The semi-finals will bring 24 of these greyhounds back to Bluffs Run on Saturday, June 15th.

Watch and wager with free programs on Bet America. Safe trips and good racing luck to all the runners.