NEW BetAmerica Wager Rewards

More Points On Exotics More Points On Multis EVERY wager earns points

BetAmerica offers the most generous Wager Rewards program available to EVERY customer. Everyone qualifies immediately to start earning points!   Place your bets in the normal way and as soon as the race is official you instantly earn points on EVERY bet on EVERY track!

  • Earn Wager Rewards points for every WAGER on every TRACK
  • Wager Rewards are posted immediately after result is declared official
  • Wager Rewards can be used immediately for future bets or spent in the shop
  • Single race exotics (exactas, trifectas, superfectas and Hi-5s) points are boosted by 20%.
  • Multi-race bets (Daily Double through Pick 6) points are boosted by 10%.
  • Regular Wager Rewards Promotions - check out our Promo Calendar

How BetAmerica Wager Rewards Works

You will earn one point for each dollar wagered on most tracks, however there are some reductions on a small number of tracks.  The tracks with restrictions are listed below, but you still earn a 20% bonus on all exotics and 10% bonus on all multis at these tracks

Track Name
Award Ratio
Del Mar
California Fairs
Golden Gate Fields
Gulfstream (All)
Laurel Park
Lone Star Park
Los Alamitos (All)
Mahoning Valley
Meadowlands [H]

Your Wager Rewards Level

All customers at BetAmerica start at a reward level of 1.0. To check your current Wager Reward Level login to and visit My Account section. If you see a number larger than 1.0 you earn at that rate, for example, if your rate is 2.0 you are earning wager rewards at DOUBLE the base rate.

Customer State Maximum Reward Rates

Unfortunately due to some local fees that we must pay on wagers we are unable to reward all customers to the same level (we wish we could).  If you are a resident of one of the following states you are subject to a maximum effective rewards % on all wagers, including promotions.  If your local maximum reward rate changes at any time we will notify you in advance via email.
  • 1% maximum reward rate; California
  • 4% maximum reward rate; Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Washington
These maximums apply to all wager rewards activity, including any daily promotions we may offer.


Wager Reward points are only awarded in whole point increments.  Decimals of wager rewards points (in effect less than 1c value) are not awarded.