Race Preview: Palm Beach Friday Evening June 7th Race 10

June 6th, 2013

Friday Evening - Palm Beach Race 10 Grade A

1-Hello Mary Lou (7-1) 2-Gogo Delana (10-1) 3-Trickapalooza (5-1) 4-Daves Hoorah (13-1) 5-Pat C Navvoo (7-1) 6-Prissy Bones (2-1) 7-PG Really Rich (7-2) 8-Atascocita Sacor (6-1)

This is a very significant race for one dog, at least. The 6-Prissy Bones has hit the board in all 8 of her races at PB and has been first in half of those races. Her times are blistering. Her ability to overcome trouble is remarkable in such a young dog. She's won by 17  lengths in D and 3 lengths in C. However, her last win was in B and she did it with a shrinking lead.

Now this young dog is in A and is facing much tougher competition than she has in the past. I'm wondering if she can carry her talent and speed and breaking ability into the top grade with a win. With only one race from an outside post showing, it's hard to say what she'll do from the 6 box. She just missed in her first time out in C from the 7 box.

Right next to her in the 7 box is PG Really Rich, who also would probably prefer an inside post. He does have good speed though with a sub-30 second time in his last race. He's a closer who might avoid trouble by staying back at the start, but then has to catch up and can't always do that.

Five dogs in this race ran together in their last race. The 5-Pat C Navvoo beat 2-Gogo Delana, 3-Trickapalooza, 4-Dave's Hoorah and    8-Atascocita Sacor in that race. Will the order be the same in this race?

The program picks the 6-7-3-1. I think they may be underestimating the 2 and overestimating the 6, although she does look like an exceptional greyhound. However, this is A and she may take a race or two to get her bearings. She's running with dogs that just ran in stakes races and who know a thing or two about how to get around the track ahead of their competition.

However it turns out, it should be a very good race to watch and I'll be rooting for the 2-6-3-5 and for safe trips and good racing luck  for all the greyhounds.

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