Derby Gives 2024: Racing for more

April 16th, 2024

A few days following the official Kentucky Derby post-position draw, held on April 27 at Churchill Downs, there will be a second post-position draw fans tuning into the Kentucky Derby action should pay attention to. On April 29, a special aftercare post position draw will held on the Churchill Downs backstretch.

The Churchill Downs Foundation's familiar 50/50 raffle is proud to feature a new unique opportunity with Derby Gives 2024: Racing For More. 

Kentucky Derby Gives 2024

The horses aren’t just racing for the Garland of Roses, with Derby Gives 2024 they are racing for more. Each elite Thoroughbred running in the Kentucky Derby will be paired with a Thoroughbred aftercare nonprofit with a $150,000 purse to be shared. The organization that is paired with the winning horse wins a grand prize of $25,000! Want to help these organizations raise even more? Through Sunday, May 5, make a donation and learn more about the participating organizations. 

This second Kentucky Derby post-position draw will feature a line-up of 20 horse racing charities and organizations, with a few Also Eligibles waiting in the wings. While the winner gets the $25,000 donation, second scores $20,000, third will be awarded $15,000, fourth $10,000, and fifth through twentieth $5,000 each. No one leaves empty-handed! And don't worry, should there be a scratch, that organization will be assigned the next Also Eligible, but if the race should drop below 20 contenders, the unassigned organization will be provided the minimum donation of $5,000.

If the general audience didn’t have a rooting interest prior, now each post position will see themselves among the action on this first Saturday In May. Cheer on your betting interest, and cheer on your favorite charity represented among the field of Kentucky Derby contenders by way of post position.

Organizations chosen are all TAA accredited, provide direct care to horses and serve Thoroughbreds near racetracks where Road to the Kentucky Derby races are held resulting in representation from coast to coast.

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What organizations are ‘Kentucky Derby nominated?’

  1. Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (CA, FL, KY, MD, NY, SC, VA)
  2. New Vocations (FL, KY, LA, NY, OH, PA)
  3. Old Friends (KY)
  4. United Pegasus Foundation (CA)
  5. Second Stride (KY)
  6. MidAtlantic Horse Rescue (MD)
  7. ReRun (NY)
  8. After the Races (MD)
  9. TRRAC (PA)
  10. Racing for Home (CT) 
  11. Secretariat Center (KY)
  12. Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (KY)
  13. Virginia Thoroughbred Project (VA)
  14. James River Horse Foundation (VA)
  15. Friends of Ferdinand (IN)
  16. Horse and Hound Rescue (OK)
  17. Remember Me Rescue (TX)
  18. Galloping Out (IL)
  19. Win Place Home (CA)
  20. Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana

The Churchill Downs Foundation is committed to providing positive stewardship for the horse racing industry. The Foundation is deeply focused on supporting connections to the equine industry and ensuring its continued growth and stability.

What is the best post position in the Kentucky Derby?

Since 1930, the first official appearance a starting gate for the Kentucky Derby, detailed statistics on Kentucky Derby contender performance have been kept by Churchill Downs racetrack. Not until recently in the 150 year history of the Derby have 20 entrants run in the big race, so statistics may have an asterisk in win volume since the introduction of a 20 horse field!

Inside post position draws are not the best place to be, regardless of running style, especially in full fields of 20. Ferdinand (1986) is the last Derby winner that broke from post 1, and Triple Crown winner Affirmed (1978) the last contender leaving from post 2. However, these horses had the luxury of facing only 15 and 10 rivals, respectively.

Let’s look at the 2023 stats for post positions, heading into the 149th Kentucky Derby post draw.

Eight of the last 12 winners (67%) started from post 13 or wider, suggesting unencumbered trips are more important than saving ground in the Kentucky Derby. 

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Post 2023 Derby Starter Record Win % ITM % Last Winner Last ITM 
Hit Show 93-8-5-5 8.6% 19.4% Ferdinand (1986) Lookin At Lee (2nd, 2017) 
Verifying 93-7-5-13 7.5% 26.9% Affirmed (1978) Revolutionary (3rd, 2013) 
Two Phil's 93-5-6-8 5.4% 21.5% Real Quiet (1998) Epicenter (2nd, 2022) 
Confidence Game 93-5-6-4 5.4% 16.1% Super Saver (2010) Danza (3rd, 2014) 
Tapit Trice 93-10-8-4 10.8% 23.7% Always Dreaming (2017) Audible (3rd, 2018) 
Kingsbarns 93-2-8-3 2.2% 14.0% Sea Hero (1993) Good Magic (2nd, 2018) 
Reincarnate 92-8-6-6 8.7% 21.7% Mandaloun (2021) Mandaloun (1st, 2021) 
Mage 92-8-5-5 8.7% 19.6% Mine That Bird (2009) Tacitus (3rd, 2019) 
Skinner 89-4-6-8 4.5% 20.2% Riva Ridge (1972) Hot Rod Charlie (2nd, 2021) 
10 Practical Move 86-9-6-9 10.5% 29.1% Giacomo (2005) Zandon (3rd, 2022) 
11 Disarm 82-2-6-4 2.4% 14.6% Winning Colors (1988) Code of Honor (2nd, 2019) 
12 Jace's Road 78-3-3-3 3.8% 11.5% Canonero II (1971) Afleet Alex (3rd, 2005) 
13 Sun Thunder 76-5-5-7 6.6% 22.4% Nyquist (2016) Nyquist (1st, 2016) 
14 Angel of Empire 66-2-6-6 3.0% 21.2% Carray Back (1961) Essential Quality (3rd, 2021) 
15 Forte 61-6-2-1 9.8% 14.8% Authentic (2020) Authentic (1st, 2020) 
16 Raise Cain 50-4-3-3 8.0% 20.0% Animal Kingdom (2011) Commanding Curve (2nd, 2014) 
17 Derma Sotogake 43-0-1-2 0.0% 7.0% None Forty Niner (2nd, 1988) 
18 Rocket Can 35-2-4-0 5.7% 17.1% Country House (2019) Country House (1st, 2019) 
19 Lord Miles 30-1-1-0 3.3% 6.7% I'll Have Another (2012) I'll Have Another (1st, 2012) 
20 Continuar 18-1-0-1 11.1% 16.7% Rich Strike (2022) Rich Strike (1st, 2022)