American Pharoah photo montage

TwinSpires Staff

August 29th, 2015

With American Pharoah competing in Saturday's Travers S. (G1) at Saratoga, we thought our readers would relish a photoblog of the Triple Crown champion before, during and after the event. Enjoy!


All lined up and waiting for the champ to arrive (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Smokey accompanies his famous barnmate (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

The Saratoga stands are packed as fans vie to get a glimpse of the Triple Crown champion (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Picture perfect as usual (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

American Pharoah puts on a show for his fans (NYRA/Adam Coglianese)

Schooling ahead of the Travers (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Joe Labozzetta)

Calm, cool and collected in the paddock (NYRA/Adam Coglianese)

Travers, here I come! (NYRA/Adam Coglianese)


Taking a stroll around Saratoga's trees (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Testing out the Spa surface ahead of Saturday's Travers (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

American Pharoah stretching his legs a bit (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Adam Mooshian)

Looking good! (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Lauren King)


"Air Horse One" upon arrival in New York (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Fans and journalists gather round waiting for the champ to step off the plane (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

American Pharoah taking a peek outside (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

The "Eagle Eye" (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Nothing gets by the champ (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Even the airport welcomed American Pharoah (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

Pausing for a photo op (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Susie Raisher)

The van arrives at Saratoga (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)

Taking a tour of the facilities (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)

Pausing for another photo op (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)

Someone's excited to arrive! (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)

Bathtime (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)

Ready to bed down (NYRA/Adam Coglianese/Chelsea Durand)