What is an Quinella Bet?

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Quinella Bet Definition and Overview

The Quinella bet is found in both horse and greyhound racing.  The definition of a Quinella bet is to select the first two finishers in either order.

What's the difference between an Exacta bet and a Quinella Bet?

An Exacta bet in horse racing is the wager placed on which horses which will finish the race first and second, in the correct order, but with a Quinella bet the the selections you make can finish in either order.

What is the minimum stake on a Quinella bet?

The minimum stake is usually $1 for an quinella bet, although some tracks do have a $2 minimum.  Online quinella bets have the same minimum stake as betting quinellas at the track, with exactly the same payouts as the track.

How can I place online Quinella bets?

Make sure when you are placing Quinella bets that you do so on legal, safe and regulated online betting sites which are based in the U.S.A.  BetAmerica is the largest provider of online greyhound betting in the United States.

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