Greyhound Preview Palm Beach 11/8/2014

November 8th, 2014


Superstar Saturday is ready to get rolling at Palm Beach! All eyes will be on newly crowned track record holder Ethel Is Here is the finale 15th today. She makes her first appearance on the 3/8ths mile course since she broke the record on Tuesday.

Here are the top races I will be following for the Matinee at “The Beach.”

Race 3 Grade M 545 Yards

Only one thing would get me excited to write about a Maiden race…big time puppy prospect.

If you name a racer this type of name, he better be outstanding.

#1 Speeding Bullet from the suddenly hot Janie Carroll Kennel gets the sizzling 1 box to fire out from this afternoon. Solid in schooling, he tries to extend the good vibes into the real thing today. Looks to have a stellar rush in a beatable field.

#8 Atascocita Colm from Suncoast Kennel is also coming off an impressive schooling win and should be right up with Bullet to start off.

Can’t go against “The Bullet” for the W here.

Picks 1-8-5-7

*JS Froot Loops*

Race 10 Grade A 545 Yards

Two superstars go toe to toe in what should be a classic matchup.

#1 JS Froot Loops from owner Shannon Henry gets her favorite box to fire from today. Has won or placed in 8 of her last 9 races from this box and possesses the most lethal close of this field. If she is in the hunt going to the wire….forget about it.

I think I like the setup of #8 Albatross from Rader Racing better here. The Puppy Stakes finalist is starting to look strong again after a brief layoff last month and will look to get his second W in a row today. Has only drawn this 8 box twice in his whole career and guess what? He won them both.

Albatross gets the victory today and continues his hot streak.

Picks 8-1-4-7

      *Ethel Is Here*

Race 15 Grade TA 660 Yards

We were all witness to what #3 Ethel Is Here from trainer Crystal Carroll did earlier in the week.

When you break a record at this historical track, everybody notices. Can she stay consistent and become dominant on this course? Only time will tell but for right now, Ethel looks like the beast we have been waiting for at this distance. Solid rush but even more dominating close makes this newest sensation dangerous to line up against right now.

Look out for #8 HS Bobaruskee from Rader Racing. Finished second earlier in the week during Ethel’s record run but has enough early speed and class to steal this one if there is any trouble. Probably will get a price too because the betting public will be all over Ethel to stay En Fuego.

I hope that Ethel Is Here wins this because it’s an outstanding story that I hope continues as the season goes on.

Picks 3-8-5-1

Top Picks Race 10 - #8 Albatross

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