Harness: Hoosier Park plays for Nov. 24

November 23rd, 2021

(Cotolo employs money-management tactics to build wagers that focus on plump profits.)

For the program on Nov. 24 at Hoosier Park, we suggest some horses for selected plays that may fit in any type of wager, including a Pick-4 ticket.

This is the last Wednesday program at the Indiana track before its season concludes.

Race 3

With a dozen days off to his credit after his second win in a row, #7 Always Virgil is heading towards a birthday and a new campaign at four and trainer Charles Stewart has his money-maker in a good spot to win at a price—if the public goes for the Morning Line (ML) choices.

It seems obvious that #10 Incredible Bombay will be dismissed by the betting crowd which assures the four-year-old will leave the gate with better chances to hit the board than his support will measure.

Race 7

Shipping from Northfield could mean a slight step-down move for #6 Secret Of Not. Some may argue the change in venue is moot but this trotter handled four turns well around this class in Ohio and was well supported while picking up checks left and right. This field has little as much as that going for them, so a 4-1 ML looks fair and higher odds seem possible.

Melissa Essig’s #2 Worth Your While, on the other hand, looks to go off with more chances than he deserves, so his 2-1 ML (or lower) is worth passing up.

In the exotics you should consider using #7 Katie Doodle Dandy. Lewayne Miller’s Yankee Glide filly could hit the board higher than her 12-1 ML and that would knock many other tickets out.

Race 9

If #5 Yankees Aftershock has a stride problem, comes from cheap fair dates and is not supported by the public often if ever, why is his ML as low as 5-1? That is a 17-percent chance of winning. It may come down to the bare facts that the Pilgrims Chuckie gelding hit the board nine of 19 times, racing well every time he does not break stride. We agree. If he does not break then he could win big and probably at higher odds than his ML (for once we agree with the ML maker).

Exotic fans are bound to use #2 ER Nelson, the ML choice, in ever exotic simply because his finishing history proves he hits the board for that use more than he wins. So yeah, we buy it, too.

Races 10—13

Oh boy, top trainers with bad MLs. This race starts a 50-cent Pick 4 (P4) and we are taking a shot on win bets and the P4-stream.

Leg 1 – On the inside we will use the ML choice, #1 Shadys Starlight, who has already won for his new trainer, the prolific Charles Stewart. For the win bet and the leg, we back Britney Dillon’s #8 The Bucket because his recent two races are bold and under-rated and the price buys the Pick-4 ticket in a win and knocks out many P4 tickets.

Leg 2 (Race 11) – We are all out for Dillon’s #3 Alwysasweetvictory for the win. At 16-1 last time the Always A Virgin gelding was hoisted early and kept her balance to get the show spot. This dog is 12 for 26 on the board (six wins) this season. Off a claim, #8 Street Boy looks to make a strong mile out of his 8 post at a two-digit promise (6-1 ML).

Leg 3 (Race 12) – Another addition, #7 Bet Ninteen, is obviously a must to include. The Betting Line sophomore competes with fervor, earning well, and gets good support from the smart bettors. Better than most will bet upon, #9 Jojos Amadeus may shake up the field with an extraordinary chance to hit the board—maybe hard (him to win, too).

Leg 4 (Race 13) – Second time from the Trent Stohler barn, #3 ER Rocky returns to make amends for his recent loss, which he can by pacing as he did when claimed two back. To race free of gallops, #6 War Dan A, looks as if he could wallop this group and win his only race of six this season.

  • Pick 4 Ticket (50 cents)
  • 1,8 / 3,8 / 7,9 / 3,6 = $8.00