Horse Sense: Glorious Personality

May 13th, 2014

#TeamBetAmerica aims to bring you the latest and greatest from the world of racing: it's more than just picking winners, horses - like humans - are complex animals with great personalities.

Off track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) have many careers in their lifetimes. Some wind up jumpers, others trail guides, and others just pasture-mates for younger horses.

Then there's Glory...

mediaA 22yo ex-racer turned jumper turned philosopher turned author, Glorious Alliance puts the mare in nightmare. Now the alpha mare of a five acre pasture, 'Glory has traveled much of the United States and Canada for racing and then showjumping.

An avid reader and fluent in two languages, Miss Alliance entertains the masses on twitter: musing about horse riding, horse care, mental sports training, philosophy, the fine arts, fashion, science and quantum physics. Her favorite topic is engaging humans about their relationships by relating them to how horses relate to humans.

You can find her tweeting her philosophies on everything from riding to horse care, film, fashion, science, and of course, human relationships ~ including romance and spirituality.


She runs the "Pasture Bar" on Twitter every night from 10 pm - midnight PT at @gloriousallianc.

Glory also enjoys jazz music, lavender, roses, sunsets, wide open spaces, good alfalfa, great beer, sardonic one liners, good natured zingers, and still plans to take over the world.

Check out her book: Bedtime Stories From The Pasture


Glory poses with her book