Track Update: Turfway gets underway

December 4th, 2021

Turfway gets underway this week for its second year on the new Tapeta track. Let's get to know who rode it well last year, and may be able to take that momentum into the new year.


Gerardo Corrales (55-for-230, 24%, +18% ROI) won the riding title in a romp, twelve wins clear of Rafael Bejarano (43-for-217, 20%, -21% ROI), and both have returned to the riding colony this year.

In sprint races, Corrales (40-for-115, 35%, +57% ROI) did his best work. Santiago Gonzalez (24-for-141, 17%, +18% ROI) and Perry Ouzts (9-for-92, 10%, +47% ROI) were both often live on price horses at one turn. In route races, Chris Landeros (28-for-103, 27%, +33% ROI) emerged to lead all riders, with three more route wins than Bejarano (25-for-124, 20%, -25% ROI). It was worth watching when Samuel Bermudez turned up on a price horse going a mile or more; he was 9-for-46 (20%), with a stellar +194% flat-bet ROI.


Wesley Ward has a history of coming live to Turfway, and that continued in the 2020-2021 season. His 26 victories (26-for-75, 35%, +5% ROI) had him eight clear of William Morey (18-for-62, 29%, +28% ROI) for the training title, though unsurprisingly Morey was more often able to sneak a live horse past the bettors.

At one turn, the top of the standings looked exactly the same, with Ward (20-for-52, 38%, +9% ROI) leading over Morey (11-for-35, 31%, +1% ROI). Many of the trainers near the top of the standings in sprit races had positive flat-bet ROIs, though Ethan West (5-for-23, 22%, +171% ROI) and Genaro Garcia (4-for-32, 13%, +97% ROI) were real standouts. Going long, though, it was Mark Casse (14-for-53, 26%, +22% ROI) who led the win column, though Jonathan Thomas (9-for-22, 41%, +40% ROI) ran a strong second with far fewer starters.

Looking specifically at first-time starters, Wesley Ward (5-for-14, 36%, +20% ROI) led as expected, though once again, Jonathan Thomas (3-for-8, 38%, +60% ROI) did well with limited starters. Note that two of those three-first-out winners won at a route, meaning he can get a first-timer fit to stretch out.

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