Show us your winnings!

Since I have been supplying winners for the Daymakers, now it’s your turn!  In April exclusively for VIPs, earn one point for every dollar you cash on WIN bets throughout the month.  The top players with the most points at the end of month win cash prizes up to $1000!

You must OPT IN to take part and we will use your username on the Leaderboard.

How does it work?
  • Cash a WIN ticket for $78 you score 78 points
  • Cash a WIN ticket for $740 you score 740 points!
The leaderboard will be updated every Monday, and be correct up to all bets placed. The first update will be posted on Tuesday, 4/4/2017.

For the purpose of this promotion you are classified as the VIP classification you were on 4/1/2017.
Position Clubhouse & Clubhouse Premier Turf Club, Winners Circle & Legends Lounge
1st place $500 $1,000
2nd place $250 $500
3rd place $200 $250
4th place $150 $200
5th place $100 $150
6th – 10th place $50 each $100 each

Terms and Conditions
  • This is an opt-in only contest, only VIP members on or before 3/31/2017 are eligible to enter.
  • You will remain in the VIP group that you begin the month in for the purpose of this promotion.
  • If you opt in AFTER the first of the month, only wagers after you opt in date and time will be counted.
  • Once entered your score will be updated weekly on a Monday. The first update will be posted on Tuesday, 4/4/2017.
  • The stake of the bet doesn’t matter in this promotion, only the winnings generated from WIN bet tickets.
  • All breeds are included in this offer.
  • The final leaderboard will be published on Monday May 1, 2017