Exploring trainer stats and angles

February 2nd, 2022

Handicapping horse races often involves crunching the data found in past performances. Some of the most valuable data focuses on trainers rather than individual horses.

Top horse trainers saddle hundreds, or thousands, of horses in a given year, providing tons of data to analyze. Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances in particular include a wide variety of trainer statistics to aid your handicapping.

Let’s explore the trainer stats found in Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances:

Yearly stats

To provide a snapshot of a trainer’s overall record, Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances provide the trainer’s record for the current year. (Or, if the year has just begun, the current year and the previous one combined.)

From left to right, yearly stats list the relevant year(s), the number of starters the trainer has saddled, the percentage of races won, the percentages of top-three finishes, and the return on investment (ROI) from betting $2 to win on every starter. Strong trainer stats will be preceded by a “+” symbol.

In the example above, the trainer has saddled 311 starters in 2021 and 2022, winning 20% of the time. Nearly half (47%) of the trainer’s starters have finished third or better, and the ROI for every $2 wager would have been a profitable $2.15.

Track/meet stats

A more nuanced view of a trainer’s record can be determined from track/meet stats. These stats indicate how the trainer has fared saddling horses at the track and race meet you’re currently handicapping.

In the following example, taken halfway through the 2021-22 Gulfstream Park Championship Meet, trainer Brendan Walsh has saddled 29 starters, 5 winners, 4 runners-up, and 3 third-place finishers. His win percentage stands at 17%.

Comparing track/meet stats to a trainer’s overall stats can help point out hot or cold trainers. If a given trainer wins at a 14% rate overall, you’ll want to sit up and take notice if the trainer is winning 30% of the time at a particular track and race meet.

Race-specific stats

In addition to yearly stats and track/meet stats, Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances provide a variety of detailed trainer stats specific to the race and horse you’re handicapping.

For example, if you’re handicapping an allowance race, Brisnet Ultimate Past Performance may list the trainer’s record in such events. Or if the horse you’re handicapping is cutting back in distance from a route to a sprint, the trainer’s record making this specific move might be listed. Handicap enough races, and you’re bound to be impressed by how many angles are covered.

In order to provide sufficient sample sizes, race-specific stats cover the previous three years of data, rather than a single year. But they’re listed in the same manner as yearly stats, so comparisons can be made in the categories of win percentage, in-the-money percentage, and ROI.

Armed with a greater knowledge of trainer stats, you’re ready to enhance your handicapping with reliable (and profitable) betting angles. Good luck!