Eb Netr, Greyhound Handicapper


Eb Netr is my pen name. I went to the dog track for the first time in the late 70′s and fell in love with greyhounds and greyhound racing. Since then, I've been to most of the tracks in the US. have published a newsletter, and worked on developing handicapping systems to help other handicappers pick more winners and make more money.

While I believe that almost anyone can pick winners at the track by investing time and effort, I think most people go to the track for entertainment, not to get rich. Of course, entertainment is more fun when we can pick some winners and go away with a little more than we arrived at the track with. This is why I wrote several books and why I will be sharing some of my thoughts in a regular series of posts here on BetAmerica Extra.


Greyhound and harness racing have brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years. My advice to anyone who likes to play the dogs or the horses is simple. Don't let it take over your life or make you neglect the people in your life. Don't spend more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Most of all, enjoy it and give something back to the dogs and horses. Maybe even adopt a retired greyhound or a standardbred if you have the room, money and love for them.



Greyhound Handicapping Help

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