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Last updated January 18 2022

2021-2022 Kentucky Derby Futures Pools & Odds

The Kentucky Derby Future Wager (KDFW) allows racing fans an opportunity to bet on potential contenders, before final entrants and Kentucky Derby morning line odds are determined. Horseplayers enjoy the variety that the Kentucky Derby Futures provides.

Current Dates for the 2021-22 Kentucky Derby Future Wager:

KY Derby PoolsKDFW Dates
Pool 1: November 28th, 2021
Pool 2: January 23, 2022
Pool 3: February 13th, 2022
Pool 4: March 13th, 2022
Pool 5: April 2nd, 2022

Kentucky Derby Future Wager Exotic Schedule

What is the Kentucky Derby Future Wager?

There are four pools in the KDFW, along with a sire pool offered in the fall, which began during the 2016 Derby season. Horseplayers can also find a Kentucky Oaks Future Wager Pool and Oaks/Derby Double offered in March.

Futures bets typically offer nice odds and larger payouts than betting the same horse on race day, because the horse has not yet known which Derby hopefuls will ultimately qualify to run in the Derby & Oaks.

The Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks pools each consist of 24 wagering interests that include 23 individual horses and an “all others” (or field) of interest. The “All Others” option, listed at number 24, lumps in all 3-year-old fillies and all remaining 3-year-old colts and geldings. 

Win and Exacta betting with each future wager only, and each pool shall be a separate and independent calculation. There are no refunds on any wagers. If it is determined during the pools that one of the individual horses has suffered an illness, injury or other circumstance that will prevent that horse from competing in either race, wagering on that betting interest is suspended at that point.

If an individual betting interest is injured or removed from consideration for the Kentucky Derby due to any reason, no refunds will be given – all wagers are considered final once issued. Players can access the official KDFW General Rules for more details. serves as the Official Betting Site of the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, and current and final odds for each KDFW pool is available along with probable payoffs. Final information is also posted on the Kentucky Derby website following the conclusion of wagering in each respective pool.

Suggestions on how to bet the Kentucky Derby Future Wager

TwinSpires often offers analysis, picks and reflections on the action surrounding the KDFW.

2021-2022 Kentucky Derby Futures Information

Future Wager Pool 5

March 31st – April 2nd, 2022

  • Pool opens March 31st

Future Wager Pool 4

March 11th – March 13th, 2022

  • Pool opens March 11th

Future Wager Pool 3

February 11th – February 13th, 2022

  • Pool opens February 11th

Future Wager Pool 2

Contenders & Odds

January 21st – January 23, 2022

HorseOpening Odds
1. Chasing Time20-1
2. Classic Causeway30-1
3. Commandperformance50-1
4. Courvoisier30-1
5. Dash Attack20-1
6. Emmanuel50-1
7. Epicenter15-1
8. Giant Game30-1
9. High Oak50-1
10. Jack Christopher10-1
11. Major General50-1
12. Make It Big50-1
13. Mo Donegal12-1
14. Pappacap20-1
15. Rattle N Roll30-1
16. Simplification30-1
17. Slow Down Andy15-1
18. Smile Happy8-1
19. Tiz the Bomb20-1
20. Trafalgar20-1
21. Varatti50-1
22. White Abarrio50-1
23. Zandon12-1
24. All Other 3-Year-Olds7-5

Future Wager Pool 1

Final Odds & Will Pays

November 25th – November 28th, 2021 (pool closed)

ProgramHorse NameOddsGross Win PoolFinal $ Odds$2 Payoff
1Ben Diesel66 $3,233.00 $66.10$134.20
2Classic Causeway44 $4,803.00 $44.10$90.20
3Commandperformance31 $6,688.00 $31.40$64.80
4Double Thunder72 $2,952.00 $72.50$147.00
5Epicenter52 $4,060.00 $52.40$106.80
6Forced Ranking99 $1,550.00 $138.90$279.80
7Giant Game37 $5,603.00 $37.70$77.40
8Graphic Detail99 $1,613.00 $133.50$269.00
9Gunite25 $8,060.00 $25.90$53.80
10Howling Time43 $4,842.00 $43.80$89.60
11Jack Christopher10 $18,569.00 $10.60$23.20
12Major General43 $4,898.00 $43.30$88.60
13Mo Donegal37 $5,589.00 $37.80$77.60
14Osbourne99 $1,387.00 $155.40$312.80
15Oviatt Class87 $2,448.00 $87.60$177.20
16Pappacap23 $8,752.00 $23.70$49.40
17Rattle N Roll21 $9,468.00 $21.90$45.80
18Smile Happy8 $22,460.00 $8.60$19.20
19Tiz the Bomb24 $8,494.00 $24.50$51.00
20Trafalgar98 $2,181.00 $98.40$198.80
21Varatti54 $3,879.00 $54.90$111.80
22Zandon56 $3,788.00 $56.20$114.40
23All Fillies from the 2019 Foal
41 $5,082.00 $41.60$85.20
24All Other Colts and Geldings
2019 Foal Crop
3/5 $122,609.00 $0.70$3.40

Final $ odds based on $1 payoffs
Pool Total: $263,008.00

Sire Future Wager Pool

November 25th – November 28th, 2021 (pool closed)

ProgramHorse NameOddsGross Win PoolFinal $ Odds$2 Payoff
1American Pharoah20$1,472.00 $20.30$42.60
2Candy Ride (ARG)37$816.00$37.40$76.80
3Curlin17$1,654.00 $17.90$37.80
4Empire Maker16$1,752.00 $16.90$35.80
5Giant's Causeway24$1,229.00 $24.50$51.00
6Gun Runner9$3,138.00 $9.00$20.00
7Into Mischief14$2,090.00 $14.00$30.00
9Medaglia D’Oro32$942.00$32.30$66.60
10Munnings18$1,573.00 $18.90$39.80
11Not This Time23$1,299.00 $23.10$48.20
13Pioneerof the Nile53$579.00$53.20$108.40
14Practical Joke33$901.00$33.80$69.60
15Quality Road10$2,697.00 $10.60$23.20
16Runhappy7$3,917.00 $7.00$16.00
18Street Sense41$747.00$41.00$84.00
19Tapit18$1,651.00 $18.00$38.00
20Twirling Candy48$635.00$48.40$98.80
21Uncle Mo25$1,173.00 $25.70$53.40
22Union Rags29$1,046.00 $29.00$60.00
24All Other Sires”7/2$6,523.00 $3.80$9.60

Final $ odds based on $1 payoffs
Pool Total: $38,073.00


Kentucky Derby WinnerSire PoolPool 1Pool 2Pool 3Pool 4Pool 5Derby Day
2021 Medina SpiritProtonico 10.00 (f)$4.60 (f)*$51.40$53.00$81.00$18.60 (f)$26.20
2020 AuthenticInto Mischief 36.20$4.60 (f)*$32.20$14.80$22.60$43.60$18.80
2019 Country HouseLookin at Lucky 11.40 (f)$4.60 (f)*$7.60 (f)*$61.00$40.00 (f)$132.40
2018 JustifyScat Daddy 54.80$4.40 (f)*$7.00 (f)*$14.40$8.40*$7.80*
2017 Always DreamingBodemeister 63.60$4.40 (f)*$7.00 (f)*$86.40$14.20$11.40*
2016 NyquistUncle Mo 20.20$21.80$17.80$17.00$8.00*$6.60*
2015 American Pharoah$27.60$23.00$18.20$13.00$7.80*
2014 California Chrome$3.60 (f)*$63.40$67.60$20.80$7.00*
2013 Orb$4.40 (f)*$26.20$29.60$12.80*
2012 I'll Have Another$60.20$46.20$45.60$32.60
2011 Animal Kingdom$6.20 (f)*$9.40 (f)$64.40$43.80
2010 Super Saver$43.20$51.20$73.00$18.00
2009 Mine That Bird$5.80 (f)*$11.80 (f)*$36.80 (f)$103.20
2008 Big Brown$8.60 (f)*$15.00 (f)$8.60*$6.80*
2007 Street Sense$22.80$18.20$15.40$11.80*
2006 Barbaro$40.20$32.20$20.80$14.20
2005 Giacomo   $52.00$54.20$103.60$102.60
2004 Smarty Jones$5.60 (f)$10.80 (f)$23.60$10.20*
2003 Funny Cide$188.00***$120.80$107.40$27.60
2002 War Emblem $7.60 (f)*$16.00 (f)$24.00 (f)$43.00
2001 Monarchos$36.60$13.00$15.80$23.00
2000 Fusaichi Pegasus$27.80$26.40$  8.00*$6.60*
1999 Charismatic$10.20 (f)*$30.20 (f)$26.60 (f)$64.00

(f) Mutuel Field
* Favorite
*** Record Future Wager Payout
Pool 4 was 1st introduced in 2014.
Pool 5 was 1st introduced in 2020.
In 2020, there were 2 additional future wager pools (6 & 7) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and delay of the Kentucky Derby. Click here for those complete results.

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