What is a Pick 6 Bet?

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Understanding Horse Racing Pick 6 Betting

Do you think selecting one winner in one horse race is fun? Try selecting six horses in a row with a Pick 6 Horse Racing bet!

What is a Pick 6 bet in horse racing?

With a Pick 6 bet, you win if you correctly select the winners of six consecutive horse races. Many tracks are now doing this wager in a Jackpot Pick Six format: unless there is one single ticket with the winning horses, a portion of the pool is paid out but the majority carries over to the next day.

Example Ticket:

What is the minimum stake on a Pick 6 bet?

The minimum stake is usually $2 for a Pick 6 bet.  Some tracks have experimented with a $1 variety, but it has yet to catch on. Online Pick Six bets have the same minimum stake as betting Pick 6s at the track.

How much can I win on a Pick Six bet?

Winnings on Pick Six bets are unlimited and are determined by the pari-mutuel system where all the winning tickets share the pool of money collected (less the money the track takes as commission). In 2008, the Wednesday race at Churchill Downs famously minted an instant millionaire on a Pick 6 bet, after a 49-1 longshot by the name of Future Prospect won the 9th race of the day. This race was the 6th and final winning selection on a Pick Six wager entered that day, and the resulting payoff was a record-setting $1,127,774.60! 


Can I select more than one horse in each leg of a Pick 6?

Yes! If you aren't sure who to single in a particular race, you can narrow down the choices (and the cost of your ticket) by selecting several horses. Or you can go expensive and take ALL the horses in a single race. Just be careful to watch the cost of your ticket.


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